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Re: [yast-devel] y2m use cases
# jdsn@xxxxxxx / 2014-03-28 14:03:17 +0100:
On Friday 28 March 2014 13:45:10 Roman Neuhauser wrote:

where is cd $d and cd - ?

oh crap, sorry for the brainfart... with the loop body wrapped in
"(cd $d; " and ")" it's 21 characters.

for d in */; do (cd $d; echo 'Jon Doe' >> AUTHORS ; git commit -a -m 'update
authors'); done

It's not just the "cd" that is missing.

i should clarify that 21 is already quite a lot. i'm in the same
position with another sw project consisting of multiple standalone
repositories, and the for loops are quite annoying. it's just that
the alternative proposed here has never seemed too attractive either.

i guess we'll get to try it out in y2m sooner or later.

I would assume that y2m does all the rest as well.

Think of:
* you add a new module name to your FAV list
* then you run "y2m FAV $change_author_cmd

Then I would expect that y2m notices that the new repo is missing,
does the proper cloning and then executes the command.

i would expect y2m to bail out and let me resolve it. :)

Same for the blacklist feature, that some poeple miss in y2m (opposite of

what happens when the intersection of the two lists is not empty?

All this would be too complex for a simple for loop you need to tpye again
again. The idea was that y2m automates the repo management incl. the cloning.
If such functionality is not needed, maybe y2m did its original job and

it hasn't, at least for me. ;)

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