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[yast-devel] Re: yast2-samba-client packaging
Hi David,
sorry for late reply: I replied to wrong address and my mail wasn't delivered.
Find it below.


Dne St 19. března 2014 18:19:18, Jiri Suchomel napsal(a):
Dne St 19. března 2014 17:50:21, David Disseldorp napsal(a):
Hi Jiri,

I've submitted a yast2-samba-client fix for bnc#869185 upstream, and
now plan to submit the fix for 11SP3 maintenance.

It appears that the normal process is to just tag a new release in the
changelog and then generate a corresponding tarball.

Is there a "blessed" way of doing this, or should I just use git, e.g.
git archive --format=tar --prefix=yast2-samba-client-2.17.28/ <commit> \

| bzip2 > yast2-samba-client-2.17.28.tar.bz2

Hi David,
the way I was doing it was:

- checkout SP3 branch of yast module from git
- generate tarball using 'make package-local' target (there might have been
some changes recently in this point, because rake is used now; but it should
not affect SP3 branch AFAIK)
- upload it to my IBS project and let it build for SP3 build target
- if build succedes, create submit request to appropriate Update:Test

In general, if you have any YaST related questions, you can ask on mailing
list (yast-devel) or public IRC channel (#yast).

Cheers, David


Jiri Suchomel

SUSE LINUX, s.r.o.
Lihovarská 1060/12
tel: +420 284 028 960
190 00 Praha 9, Czech Republic

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