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Re: [yast-devel] What means calling Service.[Start|Stop|Enable|Disable]("foo")?

On 27.2.2014 12:26, Johannes Meixner wrote:


On Feb 24 11:10 Vladimir Moravec wrote (excerpt):
Honestly, I'm far from being an expert in systemd

Neither am I.
However, I can't stop asking me the question: how managed
package maintainers those systemd issues at other distros?

I do not understand the question because other distros
do not use YaST as end-user frontend to manage services.

I was rather referring to the superset/master unit files.

When using plain systemctl it works of course also for
complicated systemd units with several unit files.

In Yast the systemd support we currently have is only basic one.
Once we know what the best practice in managing systemd units is,
we'll implement it as needed.

This again matches perfectly my observation and accordingly
it is currently exactly "the right thing" to get systemd support
for a service "foo" that actually works in our current environment
to provide only one single systemd unit file foo.service
(and nothing else, particular no foo.socket or foo.path and so on).

I was of similar opinion, however after discussing an yast iscsi client
issue here [1] I think those other units have its place.

yast2-services-manager is built on top of `systemctl`.

I don't know about yast2-services-manager details but I think
if yast2-services-manager is basically only a GUI for systemctl
then yast2-services-manager would be insufficient to be a really
useful end-user frontend to manage services because plain systemctl
is too low level.

We had two options of how to control systemd from within yast, either
through systemctl or through dbus directly. Currently we rely on using
systemctl by calling its unit control commands and parsing their output.
I think for the user experience it is not important whether this is low
level or not, the UI makes it easier for yast users to control services
and prevents them from diving into systemd stuff. There is already
discussion going on [2] if the current UI is sufficient, but this is
different subject from this thread I guess.



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