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Re: [yast-devel] Need help for building yast package.
On Tue, 14 Jan 2014 19:37:00 +0100
Peter Varkoly <varkoly@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi need your help.
I've created my fist ruby based yast2 from scratch.
I can install it by make -f Makefile.csv and make install, but I can
not build it in
Can sombody have a look at the log file:

The git repo is: git@xxxxxxxxxx:varkoly/yast2-auth-client.git

Hi Peter,

I check it and problem is change of version reading.
We remove duplicity of version specification and now version lives only
in spec file which is expanded. Which is correct for your case. So your
only problem is way how you package your tarball. New way is to use
shared yast rake task and calling simple rake tarball to create it or
with correct settings of packaging tasks you can directly send it to
build service.

So what you need:
1) remove file VERSION
2) modify your rakefile to submit to your project ( so it should be
require "yast/rake"

Yast::Tasks.configuration do |conf|
#lets ignore license check for now
conf.skip_license_check << /.*/

conf.obs_project = "home:varkoly"

3) try to build it with `rake osc:build` or submit it directly to your
repo with `rake osc:commit` ( if you want to create sr to factory ( not
work if it is not already in factory, so you need to manually do
first inclusion to factory ) then calll `rake osc:sr` )

For more information about new rake system see its project[1] and
packaging tasks on which it is based[2].

I hope it helps, but if it still doesn't work, do not hesitate to ask.


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