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Re: [yast-devel] New Installer: Sprint Review 2014-01-08 (updated)
I've posted wrong TODO section last time, now it's updated with all the TODO tasks we have talked about. I've also removed some of your TODO's and moved them to Trello as unassigned tasks if you were unable to deliver them for a longer time - let's expect less by default and do more if we have some time left at the end.


Split branding package
- Split has been done but it currently it build a package which is used to build the skelcd package - a bit of overkill, build skelcd directly

- Reading libzypp SCC credentials from system
- Getting hardware info
- Continue with the second API call

Qt5 and plug-ins
- Almost "ready" to be merged, still needs some love

Semi-auto installation
- Still stuck in discussion, will follow Thomas' advice about semi/auto network configuration
- More info at

Installer summary screen update
- Pull request done, needs cleanup

CIO Ignore
- Simple unblocking implemented

Starting upgrade from media
- New menu entry has been added to the media loader

Switch Linuxrc from dhcpcd to Wicked
- TBD $this week

OEM images installation
- WIP, almost done, in review

Release notes in installer
- WIP, almost done, in review

Live installation
- WIP, in review

- Tested, bugs reported and fixed

- Jenkins is broken, Sascha is looking into that, no big progress yet


- Finish splitting the branding packages, BTW do we still keep the "branding" part, such as defining additional inst-sys dependencies?
- Send list of new/branding packages to Steffen
- Check last media which did not happen due to the broken Jenkins
- SCC - second API call (error handling, etc.)

- Finish Qt5 and plug-ins till the end of $this week
- SLE 12 features

- Finish summary screen (cleanup)
- CIO Ignore - finish to a good-enough state, hand over to Ihno to test
- Cooperate with Sascha or anyone else who can help with
- Finish unfinished stuff
- Ruby 2.1 - check with Stefan Behlert

- Document the Linuxrc self-update functionality
- Features

- Check the GeoIP with Thomas
- Finish unfinished tasks (pending pull requests)

- Upgrade - verify it works seamlessly with all new fixes integrated
- Testing features using openQA

- Features / New Installer


Lukas Ocilka, Yast TL, Cloud & Systems Management Department
SUSE LINUX s.r.o., Praha
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