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Re: [yast-devel] Re: [yast-installation] Call hooks for installation clients (#107)
Dne 3.12.2013 13:20, Lukas Ocilka napsal(a):
On 12/03/2013 10:44 AM, vmoravec wrote:
This is the UI widget that is displayed right before the reboot dialog:

If there are several hook files with output for a single hook
checkpoint, there are concatenated into one line and separated by a

It's a great idea to show summary of failed hooks at the end of

I would just tune it a bit and show the results ONLY if there were some
issues. I'd skip everything that is not needed in case of success.

Originally I let the pop-up window show only in case there were some
failed hooks, but I changed it for the reason that if the user makes the
effort of creating one or several hook files and puts them into the
installation system (which is not a trivial task and must be done
without the user friendly GUI), he will/might expect some visual
feedback about the results before the first boot. In the end one of the
goals of the installer GUI is to let the user inform about the succeeded
or failed steps during the installation. It's just a single click to let
the pop-up go away and continue with reboot.

I think that the hooks will be useful mainly for automated installations
where admins will test them a lot before going into production. Then
they can even expect some more detailed hooks summary during the hooks'
testing using the GUI installer (number of hook files, names of files,
execution time). Currently they have to dig through the yast logs to get
more details.



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