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[yast-devel] Count source code lines
after series of dropping module I decide that maybe it is now good time
to check how much code we have in Yast.

short summary:

total 921k
ruby 674k
perl 87k
C/C++ 160k

total cound (together with command to verify it on git checkout via
yast-mass )

`find . | grep -e "\.rb$" -e "\.pl$" -e "\.pm$" -e "\.h$" -e "\.c$"
-e "\.cpp$" -e "\.hpp$" -e "\.cxx$" -e "\.cc$" | xargs wc -l`

=> 921137 lines

ruby files

`find . | grep -e "\.rb$" | xargs wc -l`

=> 674068

perl files

`find . | grep -e "\.pl$" -e "\.pm$" | xargs wc -l`

=> 86843

C/C++ ( can contain some generated code by swig, flex, bison, etc. )

`find . | grep -e "\.h$" -e "\.c$" -e "\.cpp$" -e "\.hpp$" -e "\.cxx$" -e
"\.cc$" | xargs wc -l`

=> 160226

So as you can see yast is really non-trivial project and any help to
yast team is welcome :)

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