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Re: [yast-devel] Requirements for Yast testing framework
Dne 14.8.2013 11:22, Roman Neuhauser napsal(a):
# vmoravec@xxxxxxxx / 2013-08-14 10:06:54 +0200:

- Development tools integration: Currently we run "make check", the
should be easily used from make (or rake) from Yast code.

check if we consider using Rake

does that mean it's hard to use outside of Rake?

As far as I can say from reading the docs and code, it's designed for
ease of use and it does not expect rake to be used at all. Even the rake
built-in Rake::TestTask designed for running tests is not recommended
due to some pitfalls, for more look here [1].

It has so called autorun capability which runs all available tests if
you have "require 'ministest/autorun" on top of the test_helper file.
To run a single test file it's enough to put "ruby -r 'minitest/autorun'
simple_spec.rb" into your terminal. For more just follow the link below.



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