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Re: [yast-devel] Re: YaST bindings for Python3?

Am Freitag, 12. Juli 2013 schrieb Josef Reidinger:
at first congratulation to look at our python bindings. I expect that
you see there a lot of sharp edges. In fact, now there is no
maintainer for python bindings, so if you want to take care of it, I
would welcome it. I can help you with understanding how it works from
liby2 side ( y2 is component system to which is bindings attached ).

I know YaST2 mostly from a user's POV (and nearly nothing about
its libraries and bindings), but nevertheless I'd like to ask a
(maybe silly) question ;-)

For libapparmor, we are using swig to auto-generate the python (and
other) bindings. This works with very few lines of code.

In comparison, the code for the YaST python bindings is quite big, which
also means more maintenance is required.

Now to my question: Would it be possible to auto-generate the YaST
python bindings with swig? Or are there some special things needed that
can't be auto-generated?

If using works with swig (or something similar), it would make
maintenance _much_ easier. OTOH, it sounds too simple to be real ;-)


Christian Boltz
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