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Re: [yast-devel] Ruby code in SCR


On Jun 19 16:49 Lukas Ocilka wrote (excerpt):
As I've been implementing new module written in Ruby only
I've found out I actually can't use many generic libraries
because they access the system directly omitting SCR.
Do you have any idea how we could achieve that with the
new YaST? I'd like to have something like:

SCR.Run do
<ruby code>

Regardless how it will be implemented, what you say is basically:

Even after YCP was replaced by Ruby in YaST, arbitrary
contributors cannot just do Ruby programming as usual
to contribute something to YaST.

This could become a major stumbling block for potential new
contributors when their first contributions gets usually rejected
because they did usual Ruby programming with generic Ruby calls
that access the system directly omitting SCR.

This means that even after YCP was replaced by Ruby,
YaST sources are not usual Ruby programs but a
special YaST-specific kind of Ruby programs.

In the end it means the YaST-specific programming language YCP
will be replaced by a new YaST-specific dialect of Ruby.

Obviously a YaST-specific dialect of Ruby is much better
than the YaST-specific programming language YCP.

I like to point out that this fact must be made very clear
from the beginning so that potential new contributors know it
in advance before they start programming Ruby for YaST
and understand the reasoning behind.

I assume some potential new contributors are probably against
the whole idea behind SCR (target system can be different than
the system where the Ruby code runs) and think that this is
needless overcomplicated.

Therefore I like to have it discussed here in advance if it is
possible to drop the whole idea behind SCR.

Perhaps for "normal" YaST configuration modules the idea
behind SCR is really needless overcomplicated?

If a user likes to use a YaST configuration module to configure
something on system A he must simply install all what this YaST
configuration module needs to run on that system A.
From my current point of view I don't see what could be wrong
with such a requirement because all other software has the same

In contrast YaST components that are needed during system installation
require the idea behind SCR (because target system is in a mounted
directory or in the matching chroot environment).

Perhaps it is sufficient to require the YaST-specific dialect of Ruby
only for YaST components that are needed during system installation
but not for "normal" YaST configuration modules?

My idea behind is that I assume that potential new contributors
are usually interested in "normal" YaST configuration modules
and not so much in the YaST core system installation components.

It is like user-space software programming versus kernel programming.
For kernel programming one expects special restrictions
but not for user-space software programming.

Kind Regards
Johannes Meixner
SUSE LINUX Products GmbH -- Maxfeldstrasse 5 -- 90409 Nuernberg -- Germany
HRB 16746 (AG Nuernberg) GF: Jeff Hawn, Jennifer Guild, Felix Imendoerffer
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