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Re: [yast-devel] Solution for bug #798348
В Sun, 03 Mar 2013 17:51:19 +0100
Freek de Kruijf <> пишет:

I have been studying in yast-network the module Lan.ycp to find a solution
bug #798348. The problem is in line 570 which reads:


This results in a bash command:

/usr/bin/systemctl reload network.service

However reload for network.service is not available. The solution is already
in the release notes for 12.3. The network must first be stopped using:

And it must be stopped *before* switching. It must be old service, not

/usr/bin/systemctl is-active network.service && /usr/bin/systemctl stop

Depending on a change in the management method, Traditional or NetworkManager

NetworkManager.service must be disabled or enabled. After that the
network.service must be started.

I could not find how to know if the method has been changed when arriving at
the above call and in what direction. When the direction of the change is
passed as a parameter in this call the changes in Reload are obvious if
is not used elsewhere. Otherwise a new routine needs to be defined with the
above content.

If at the point where Reload is called service has already been
switched, it is too late. It has to be done before.

Stop old service
Switch definitions
Start new service
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