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Re: [yast-devel] Re: [Research] SuSEconfig is gone
On 10/01/2012 11:06 AM, Jiří Suchomel wrote:
V Mon, 01 Oct 2012 08:35:00 +0200
Jiri Srain <jsrain@xxxxxxx> napsáno:

On 09/20/2012 02:02 PM, Thorsten Kukuk wrote:
On Thu, Sep 20, Jiří Suchomel wrote:

Wow. There are still several call of the script from YaST[1].
Should we just remove them all or is some replacement needed?

Please remove them. If replacements are really needed, we will
find out ;)

I think for ISDN we need a replacement, but since we have no
maintainer and nobody is able to find out what the current
script is really doing, we don't have one :('


you may hate me for this answer, anyway, first, thanks for finally
dropping this beast!

And, more seriously: SUSEconfig was used for stuff that should go
(ideally) to RPM scripts as well as for writing the configuration.
The benefit I see is not dropping the functionality, but finally not
calling a set of script after package installation, even if it is
completely irrelevant to the installed/updated package.

For writing configuration (or in fact any case when YaST calls a
specific SUSEconfig.<something> script), this script can still be
called (possibly with a different name) if it is needed to keep the
behavior (which seems to be the ISDN case).

Making sure to stop calling the whole set of SUSEconfig scripts is
what YaST should do.


But someone has to tell use which script calls are still mandatory
and which can be removed.

Or we can remove all by default and wait for bug reports for the
missing ones.

I can only offer following guidance:

WHen YaST calls a specific SUSEconfig script (say e.g. SuSEconfig.glib2), there is likely a specific reason to do it. You can only on per-case basis decide if it is still needed and what to call instead (ideally with the maintainer of affected package).

If YaST calls the whole bunch of SUSEconfig script, you should either remove it - as /sbin/SUSEconfig does not exist any more, or convert it to the previous case.

Anyway, I think that SUSEconfig calls done after package installation should be removed first - since they just create the differences between RPM, zypper and YaST and are not really related to system configuration.



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