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Re: [yast-devel] Table sorting and locales in YaST UI
Am 04.05.2012 15:55, schrieb Thomas Goettlicher:
On Fri May 4 2012 15:49:28 Ladislav Slezak wrote:
Dne 4.5.2012 15:41, Thomas Goettlicher napsal(a):
On Fri May 4 2012 13:25:24 Ladislav Slezak wrote:

I fine-tuned the sort function now:
* Leading blanks for numbers are ignored
* '+' and '-' in front of numbers are respected
* text separated by a blank right of a number is being ignored

Great! Thanks!

I think that's a sufficient solution for>95% of scenarios.

Yes, I agree.

Could someone enhance also Gtk and ncurses UI so they behave the same way?
Thanks in advance!

If you implement it in gtk or ncurses and want to spy at my code, it's:

I will add the improvements (respect locale and sort numbers correctly) to YaST ncurses.
I have already changed the ncurses package selector to respect the locale setting when sorting the package table.



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