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Re: [yast-devel] Gloves: Permissions Overview
There should be always some restriction. All /etc/sysconfig is just
sysconfigs, but permission to this files can be really various.

My idea is that inside of add/edit action you have something ( you have
ruby, so various nice ways ) that map file to lense. And then you just
pass map to augeas with given lense.

So in code of directory agent can be something like

lense = case file
when /ifcfg-.*/ then "sysconfig.lense"
when /scrips/ then "bash.lense"
else raise "unsuported File"

I haven't so much experience with ruby, so I thought about C++ like approach ;-)

class SysconfigAgent < ConfigAgentService::FileService

as a generic ancestor of agents accessing sysconfig files (so not binded to particular file)

It can use already implemented API.

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