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Re: [yast-devel] libxcrypt and and other reasons for build failures
On Wed, Mar 28, 2012 at 01:53:20PM +0200, Jiri Suchomel wrote:
Dne St 28. března 2012 12:31:13, Gabriele Mohr napsal(a):
Am 26.03.2012 14:45, schrieb Lukas Ocilka:
On 03/26/2012 02:40 PM, Jiri Suchomel wrote:
Dne Po 26. března 2012 14:17:09, Arvin Schnell napsal(a):
Not really related, but still: some packages currently do not build
because of
failing testsuites. This is (at least partly) because of Gabi's change
in FileUtils::Exists which now returns true only when .target.stat
returns non-
empty map.
Some of our testuites rely on default (nil) value of .target.stat and
FileUtils::Exists to return true. So please check as well if this is
not a
case for your modules.

I have reverted my change in FileUtils::Exists().
It's unnessary to check the return of SCR::Read(.target.stat, target)
for != nil because it will never return nil but an empty map if the file
doesn't exist (should have had a closer look before doing the change).
I have submitted yast2-2.22.5 to Factory (request id 111523) and with it
the testsuites of affected modules should run again.


Ouch! And I've already adapted my testsuites to your changes...

If you instruct the testsuite SCR to return a useful map for
.target.stat instead of nil your adaptions do not hurt and seem
to be the right approach anymay.

The problem with Fileutils::Exists was that its behaviour has
changed when SCR::Read(.target.stat, ...) returns nil, which it
never does for the real SCR. But it happens with the fake
testsuite SCR unless the return value for .target.stat is


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