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RE: [yast-devel] unable to kill off IMSM dialog box
I'm on opensuse 12.1 (from a mirror frozen shortly after the release).

After playing with this more, I've been having a lot of problems fakeraid on
this host (Dell T3500, Intel 82801JI), so I'm probably going to look at a
software raid approach instead.

(Specifically, the symptom is that during install, I get a disk error/failure.
Then, after reboot, the fakeraid is in a "Failed" state, with one drive marked
as a raid member and the other marked as non-raid (whereas both were initially
raid members). I've tried various BIOS twiddling, but haven't figured out how
to remove the "curse" from this machine, to allow it to install onto fakeraid

Unfortunately, I can't really send logs, because I can't get a fresh install
going because of that.

Thanks for your help,

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On Fri, Feb 24, 2012 at 12:39:08PM -0600, Mike Coleman wrote:

I'm trying to install onto an IMSM (fakeraid) drive with autoyast, and it
seems to work okay, except that I cannot figure out a way to kill off the
useless (to me) dialog box, which says

You are running on the Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager...
Do you want MD Partitionable RAID subsystem to manage these partitions?

The default here is 'Yes', which works for me, and which looking in the code
seems to mean "use mdadm" (whereas 'No' would mean "use dmraid").

I've tried adding <imsmdriver
config:type="symbol">IMSM_MDADM</imsmdriver>, but this doesn't
seem to help.

That does not work since the autoyast profile is loaded after the
first probing where libstorage gives the popup.

I've tried setting the device to "/dev/md" or "/dev/md0", but
this doesn't work. I've tried passing a kernel parameter of

LIBSTORAGE_IMSM_DRIVER=mdadm should work. Which version of SUSE
are you using? Can you provide the YaST logs?


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