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Re: [yast-devel] Ruby-bindings and exception
Dne Po 13. ├║nora 2012 19:19:56, Josef Reidinger napsal(a):
Hi YaST hackers,
there is problem with exceptions from ruby modules. Now if risen, yast
crash. I found this behavior quite annoying and it should be improved. I
can do it, question is what is correct behavior. Does anyone have
suggestion? In yast++ we have now error variable and catch exceptions. So I
can in ruby bindings ( and only in bindings so ruby code is not affected )
extend class by method that return message of last exception. So you can
run code as if (Module::run == nil)
y2error ("Problem with run %1",Module.yast_error);

I think this is basically only option from YaST side; catch exception in ruby-
bindings layer and save some error exception message (just do not call it
'yast_error', better, exception_message or last_error).
Who would need to set that variable? YLib? Or could it be set by ruby-bindings
from the exception message it catches?

I welcome any other suggestions or comments. Also it would be nice to have
uniform python bindings solve such problem?

I do not think it is solved in python-bindings. I've just tested: when
exception is raised, YaST logs an error. But it does not crash

Jiri Suchomel

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