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Re: [yast-devel] 11.4 build of Yast2 failures?
Thanks Josef for taking the time to reply so promptly! Much appreciated... As you have done, I will intersperse my answers/thoughts with in your reply...

On 1/31/2012 10:04 AM, Josef Reidinger wrote:
On Tue, 31 Jan 2012 09:35:48 -0800
Marc Chamberlin<marc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi, In order for me to try and grok the YaST bootloader setup module,
I thought I would try and download the source code for YaST and
compile it on my openSuSE11.4 x86_64 system. Then perhaps I can
instrument the code in order to understand the model of the
bootloader that YaST presents... (and yes, I have asked before for
help on understanding the model, and not gotten any useful replies,
just sympathy from others who like me do not have a clue what the
various settings will do either.. And yes, I understand GRUB, and the
GNU documentation, but the openSuSE model and the bootloader GUI
remains incomprehensible to me...)
Well, we were quite busy last weeks. And maybe you ask wrongly ( I
cannot find your email at all, when you send it?). If you have specific
question we can try to answer.
In general YaST2 bootloader is module that provide UI and proposal
logic. Data is serialized in perl-Bootloader library that knows
different syntax for different bootloaders. It is quite complex module,
so if you want just do some minor modification you should ask specific
My intent is not to modify any of the functionality of the Bootloader module, just figure out how to instrument the code, if necessary, rebuild and install it, so that I can gain a better understanding of how it works and the effect of some of the various settings provided by the GUI. If you like, I could start a separate thread and ask questions about it, but am not sure if this is an appropriate mail list for doing so...
I followed the instructions found at

and one of the things these instructions did was to refer me to
another tutorial -

which indicated that I needed to be sure to install a number of
additional packages. I carefully tried to install the listed
packages, but a number (shown below) were missing -
It is wiki, feel free to improve it. But if you found that it is not in
yast development pattern open bug report and we can improve it.
I recognize that the pages I referred to are part of a wiki. However, I am by no means an expert, or even consider myself confident enough to improve the web pages. I am trying to learn, perhaps the hard way, and it might do me a lot of good to develop an understanding of the software development tools and processes. Opening a bug report can only be done once I understand the problem(s) well enough and know what questions to ask. Right now, I do not feel I have a good enough understanding of the terminology and underlying model used within the bootloader to even begin to create bug reports..

stuff about missing packaged deleted......

But as I said I prefer if we have working devel_yast pattern so if this pattern missing something, just report bug report and we try to fix it.
Hmmm here you have introduced a new concept and I am not sure I understand. What is a "working devel_yast pattern"? I have taken a guess, let me know if I am on the right path... In the YaST2 GUI, there is a tab called Patterns. I selected it, and underneath a sub-section called Development I find a "pattern" for YaST Development. Selecting it, I see a list of packages which I am guessing is what you are referring to? If so, then I am totally confused because this list is wildly different (with some overlap) of the list of packages I was told needs to be installed from the aforementioned wiki page.

Most of the packages in this YaST Development pattern are checked, indicating that they have been installed. Only two were not - createrepo and inst-source-utils. Do I need these as well?
I dunno what to do about that, so decided to punt and go on. (Anyone
got any ideas on how I should locate these packages?)

Anywise, I downloaded the YaST source from the SVN (but not from
trunk) using the following command -

svn co

which I guessed would get me the source code for the version of YaST2
that was installed in my system. The checkout proceed fine, as did
the three make commands to build and install YaST2. But when I got to
the step -

y2tool y2makeall
Why you build all? you should concentrate on one you are interested in.
Because that is what the wiki page told me to do, and I am just learning, so seemed like the easiest and best thing to do....

I got a number of errors as shown below (steps not shown appeared to
build properly without errors) These may be related to the fact that
I was unable to find and install all the required packages, so if
that is the case, then I need to understand how to find and install
those packages. Thanks in advance for helping me with this...


Errors from the automatic compile of all of YaST......

there errors are useless. Please run make in corresponding dictionary
and paste output here. just note that some modules is not longer
supported and provide just as it is ( usually noone use it so we even
don't notice that it doesn't build ).
Ouch! That does not sound good... If there is unsupported stuff, and build errors are expected, that is going to make it difficult for me (or any other newcomer) to understand the difference between a successful or unsuccessful build.

I will try to figure out how to build modules separately (I think that is what you are saying I should do, by "dictionary" did you mean to say directory?) Also, did I just screw up my version of YaST2 when I executed the command - y2tool y2makeall ? YaST2 still seems to be working for me, but I am concerned about all the errors that were reported..

y2makeall summary:

Success in 103 directories
Failure in 12 directories:

storage (base package)
registration (base package)
sound (base package)
schema (base package)

If you have more questions, problems, ideas don't hesitate to ask

Thanks, I have and will continue to do so... As you observe the things I am having difficulties with, it might provide some insight on where documentation can be improved....


"The Truth is out there" - Spooky

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