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[yast-devel] Re: [yast-commit] r66428 - in /branches/SuSE-Code-11-SP2-Branch/s390: package/yast2-s390.changes src/modules/DASDController.ycp
Dne 13.10.2011 15:35, aschnell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx napsal(a):

+ /*
+ l = maplist(map<string, any> m, l, {
+ return filter(string k, any v, m, {
+ return contains([ "channel", "dev_name" ], k);
+ });
+ */

Avoid commenting dead code, just remove it (it's still in SVN history if you
to recover it later, just use a descriptive commit message so you can later
find it

(IMO commenting is acceptable if you need to temporarily disable some code.
But don't forget to add some FIXME comment why it was disabled in that case.)

+ return $[ "devices" : l ];

Oh! At first sight I was wondering why number one was returned here, then I
that there is "l" (letter L) not "1" (one). In fixed font in my email client
look very similar...

Use more descriptive variables if possible, especially when a typo can be
like in this case...


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