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[yast-devel] Re: [yast-commit] r66364 - in /trunk/s390: ./ package/ src/clients/ src/dump/ src/iucvterminal-server/ src/iucvterminal/ src/modules/ src/onpanic/
Dne 10.10.2011 15:37, thardeck@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx napsal(a):

If you write a long multipart help text it is a good idea to identify the parts
and give them a sequence number in comments. The comments are part of .pot
files and
are visible to translators who can figure out that all the texts belong
together and
they know the sequence (gettext might change the order in the generated pot


+ /* TS-Shell */
// Help text: Dialog for setting 'foobar' (1/6)
+ "ts" : _("<p><b><big>TS-Shell</big></b></p>")
// Help text: Dialog for setting 'foobar' (2/6)
++ _("<p>TS-Shell allows the <b>Authorization</b> to be specified for every
TS-Shell user and group. The rights of a group are inherited by their
// Help text: Dialog for setting 'foobar' (3/6)
++ _("<p>Each allowed z/VM IDs are either selected manually under
<b>Selection</b>, defined by a <b>Regex</b> or loaded from a <b>File</b>
which consist all allowed z/VM IDs separated by breaks.</p>")
// Help text: Dialog for setting 'foobar' (4/6)
++ _("<p>By clicking on the button <b>New User</b> addtional TS-Shell users
could be created and also deleted by using <b>Delete User</b>.</p>")
// Help text: Dialog for setting 'foobar' (5/6)
++ _("<p>To add or remove groups from the TS-Shell authorization table or to
change the membership of them <b>Manage Groups</b> has to be called.</p>")
// Help text: Dialog for setting 'foobar' (6/6)
++ _("<p>With <b>Audited IDs</b> the z/VM IDs could be specified from which
transcripts should be gathered."),

+ foreach (string zvmid, zvmid_list,{
+ line = line + 1;
+ if (regexpmatch(zvmid, "[^a-zA-Z0-9]"))

Use rather [[:alnum:]] or [[:alpha:]] instead of [a-zA-Z] in regular
The problem is that these sequences are locale dependent and e.g. in Estonian
language there is 't' _after_ 'z' so [a-z] doesn't mach any string containg 't'!

(Actually there are more letters after 'z', see

This can lead to severe problems like these: (Reading empty sysconfig
values) ('ftp' schema not valid in

BTW maybe we should grep all yast sources for [a-z] sequences...


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