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[yast-devel] Pkg-bindings cleanup - summary of removed obsoleted functions

Hi all,

the weekend before Hackweek I did some cleanup in pkg-bindings,
there were many obsoleted and unused functions (some even from
prehistoric pre-libzypp time).

* Note: the changes were done in Trunk only (for Factory/12.1),
SP2 is unchanged! *

I have adapted (or tried to adapt) all *.ycp files in trunk, so actually you do
need to do anything. But I could have overlooked something, just ask me if you
find an error in your code related to pkg-bindings.

Here are the details of the removed functions, they usually just
returned bogus (empty) data:

- selection related functions:
Pkg::GetSelections(), Pkg::GetPatterns(), Pkg::SelectionData(),
Pkg::SelectionContent(), Pkg::SetSelection(),
Pkg::ClearSelection(), Pkg::ActivateSelections()
(selections were replaced by patterns)

- Pkg::TargetLogfile(), Pkg::LastErrorId(), Pkg::Init(),
Pkg::SourceSetRamCache(), Pkg::InstSysMode(), Pkg::SourceProduct(),
Pkg::SourceCleanupBroken(), Pkg::SourceGetBrokenSources(),
Pkg::SourceFinish(), Pkg::SourceSaveRanks(), Pkg::SourceInstallOrder(),
Pkg::PkgFreshen(), Pkg::PkgEstablish(), Pkg::CallbackAcceptNonTrustedGpgKey()
(not supported/needed in libzypp anymore)

- Pkg::SourceProvideDir() - obsoleted by SourceProvideDirectory() which has more

- Pkg::PkgAnyToDelete(), Pkg::PkgAnyToInstall() - obsoleted by
works also with patterns, patches...

- locale functions: Pkg::GetLocale(), Pkg::SetLocale()
(obsoleted by Get/SetTextLocale() and Get/SetPackageLocale()
to set libzypp text output and packages to install independently)

- YOU related functions and callbacks: Pkg::You*(), Pkg::CallbackYou*()
(update repos are treated the same way as standard repos, SLES8/9 history)

- Pkg::PatternData(), Pkg::TargetProducts() - obsoleted by


Best Regards

Ladislav Slez√°k
Yast Developer
SUSE LINUX, s.r.o. e-mail: lslezak@xxxxxxx
Lihovarsk√° 1060/12 tel: +420 284 028 960
190 00 Prague 9 fax: +420 284 028 951
Czech Republic
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