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Re: [yast-devel] YaST Dialog Button Order in KDE
My opinion is that the Wizard dialog is in some regards special (looking at
KDE applications, the text editor does not have OK/Cancel buttons in the main
dialog, but in pop-ups, where YaST is consistent; the main YaST window is in
this regard different than KDE windows which I can recall).

When a button has a specific meaning (and it does not really matter whether
the label is Next, OK or Finish), it should not move (I mean, when you click
Next, in the next dialog there should not be Back button at the same
location). From this perspective, we have only two options:




Even though being a KDE user, I feel better about the first one (just a
personal opinion).

An alternative may be to put the [Next] button to a different place than
[Finish]; when one of these is not present, its place in the dialog will be
empty (avoiding accidental clicking of button with different meaning). Not
sure how good idea it is, maybe others can comment.

As a note to the KDE button-order: I fully agree that we should try to be as
consistent as possible with the environment which we want to integrate with
(in this case KDE), and it includes, among other, also the button ordering and
labeling. On the other hand, it does not mean that we should take over every
single convention; If there is a good reason to behave differently, we should
behave differently.


Dne St 31. srpna 2011 10:35:15 Lukas Ocilka napsal(a):

I've got a very nice bug - actually a never-ending story - about button
order in YaST dialogs. This one is not about using ButtonBox widget (at
least not from the developer's point of view) because the inconsistency
is in our design of the whole Wizard dialog.


[Cancel] [OK] button order

The root of the issue is, from my POV, the way how we define the Wizard
behavior and how we later work with it, e.g., by calling
SetNextButton(any id, string label). We often use this approach for
configuration wizards:

[Back] [Next]
[Back] [Finish]

According to Keith Briscoe, who's already reported several
button-order-related bugs, this is in fact a bug considering our wiki
page and
also considering the KDE style that tries to follow a human-speech order.

[OK] / [Apply] / [Continue] / [Finish] / [Yes] / ...

always presented before

[Cancel] / [No] / ...

So, in Wizard, we still use the GNOME button order although YaST runs in
KDE. I think that we could try to change the order in Wizard.ycp (or, in
fact, in its Qt implementation) but it would be quite a big change and
it needs to be discussed first. And that I wrote this e-mail :)

Thanks in advance for your ideas and opinions


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