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Re: [yast-devel] License of yast++
Thomas Goettlicher write:
On Thursday, August 25, 2011 08:44:08 am Stanislav Visnovsky wrote:
On Thursday 25 of August 2011 14:29:52 Thomas Goettlicher wrote:
On Thursday, August 25, 2011 01:52:27 pm Josef Reidinger wrote:
second question related to yast++. What license we should use? As I
plan to create initial package, I need specify license ( and packaging
tasks include explicit license checker ). What suggestion do you have?
MIT, BSD or some kind of GPL?

I talked to our licenses expert and want to summarize the outcome of the
discussion: There are a lot of different possibilities and GPL v3 fits
well for yast++. Libraries could be LGPL v3 if they are used by others.
Otherwise GPL v3 is also appropriate.

Do we want others to use our framework libraries and do not open the code?
LGPL might help to distribute yast++ among different system. Anyways I think
GPLv3 should be sufficient.

BTW: Your time settings seems to be wrong. Is your workstation's clock



Because both agents and yast++ libraries will be libraries which will be fine
if use our customers for theirs solutions I found LGPL useful license. I try to
discuss it on monday with jsrain and decide some license ( as long as we don't
have external contributor we can freely change license ). I want initial
version to create initial package for introduction and testing.

Josef Reidinger
Appliance Toolkit team
maintaining parts of webyast and SLMS
author of rubygems - studio_api and net_observer (coauthor)
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