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Re: [yast-devel] Re: [yast-commit] r65294 - in /trunk/storage: package/ storage/src/include/ storage/src/modules/
On Wed, Aug 10, Josef Reidinger wrote:

yast2-core from 2.17.16 has nice feature to return unchanged list if key not
so instead
if( haskey( p, "create" ))
p = remove( p, "create" );

you can write just
p = remove( p, "create" );

Thanks, will change this...
I always hated the old behavior of remove...

- else if( size(filter( map p, new["subvol"]:[],
``(p["name"]:""==pth)))>0 )
+ else if( size(filter( string s, SubvolNames( new ), ``(s==pth)))>0 )

for me this looks like you want check if it contains element
else if ( contains( SubvolNames( new ), pth )

Indeed, did not think about contains when changing the code...

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