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Re: [yast-devel] Review code, please
Stefan Schubert write:
Am 28.06.2011 11:42, schrieb Josef Reidinger:
Martin Vidner write:

so far only a few people have been commenting on others' commits,
and I'd like to ask the others to join the party. We need you!

- One obvious reason is sharing the workload (but so far the volume
is manageable).
- Reading other people's code makes you a better programmer.
- Commenting on other people's code improves the code, it prevents
ugly code or outright bugs from getting in.
- You think it is not your problem? So did I think before inheriting
a certain ****ing piece of juicy ****.
- Reading *good* code makes me feel better about our work, the
project, the product.

Or is everyone already reading everything and finding nothing to
comment on?

Lets see my project proposal for workshop for finding way how to make
review patch set explicit, so not review patch set is not in code. Studio
guys do it same way, in SLMS there is no explicit rule, but I review
everything. Webyast I think not have anything after my move to SLMS. So we
should try to find possible ways on workshop and agree on one way ( and we
really need it. My proposal is that each patch set should review maintainer
(if he is not author), backup maintainer ( to know what happen in module
which he can potentially maintain) and master (master in sense of git
trunk) keeper, which review general coding rules, documentation, tests and
general code quality). You can discuss it with studio guys who already do
it and it is quite easy to make a habit from it.

May be that I am "not uptodate" but I would prefer to read the checkins
via a mailing list again. Since we have switched to gitorious this is
not possible anymore.
How SLMS do this ?


We have mailing list with commits.
Maybe it is time to switch to github, which has some nice options for code
reviews, see pull request which allows review whole patch set, so you review
whole features or fixes instead single commits -

I hope project on workshop show all existing solutions and we choose one
unified way for whole department ( or at least one for external projects
(webyast,yast) and one for internal projects (SLMS,studio,SMT)).

Josef Reidinger
Appliance Toolkit team
maintaining parts of webyast and SLMS
author of rubygems - studio_api and net_observer (coauthor)
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