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Re: [yast-devel] YaST Group Desktop files do not comply with FreeDesktop standards
Lukas Ocilka write:

I'm currently cleaning my bugzilla up and I've found this bug:

Bug #470482 - YaST2 group .desktop files do not comply to FreeDesktop
standard [1] which results in too much noise in .xsession-errors

According to comments, YaST Group Desktop files cause many
.xsession-errors because:

* They contain Type="Application"
* They (of course) do not contain any Exec=/some/binary

There are two proposed solutions:

* Add fake Exec=... line
* Move the desktop files out of /usr/share/applications

I don't like any of the proposed solutions much, so I'm asking *you*
whether we have another option or what do you think of the proposed ones?

Thanks in advance


Well, I investigate issue and it is correct, that it should not contain this
type. From me the best solution is to remove line with type from all desktop
entries which define only group. And let type=application only for real modules.

Josef Reidinger
Appliance Toolkit team
maintaining parts of webyast and SLMS
author of rubygems - studio_api and net_observer (coauthor)
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