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Re: [yast-devel] Changing the Attitude to Coding YaST: debugger
On Wed, Jun 15, 2011 at 06:32:55PM +0200, Thomas Goettlicher wrote:
From a programmer's perspective it makes a difference. And "just" adding a
debugger won't make YCP the best language everyone loves, I guess.
That's the reason why I think we should put YCP into maintenance mode and fix
critical/major bugs only and focus on real improvements at the same time.

The point is not to fix YCP to the point we would love it. That
would be futile.

The point is realizing that even though we strive for refactoring
YaST into a better shape using a better language, we are still left
with maintaining the enterprise releases. And they use YCP and the
more or less horrible code.

That's why I think investing a limited effort in a debugger will pay

An interesting research project would be a YaST module which is written in a
popular language that doesn't use YCP at all.

That's not merely interesting. That is a fundamental requirement to
keep YaST healthy.

When this works out a lot of
module authors will also rewrite their YaST modules. And in a couple of
centuries YaST will be 100% YCP free. :-)

As Johannes said, people are not eager to completely rewrite
software just for fun. I think we will see a gradual refactoring
where it makes sense. Given the shape of YCP libraries, I think it
will make sense in an awful lot of places ;-)

Martin Vidner, YaST developer

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