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Re: [yast-devel] Changing the Attitude to Coding YaST
On 6/8/2011 at 07:57 AM, in message <20110608145718.GC12470@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
Klaus Kaempf <kkaempf@xxxxxxx> wrote:
* Roberto Angelino <rangelino@xxxxxxxxxx> [Jun 08. 2011 16:53]:
I believe that you have other ideas how to improve the development - how
to make the development and maintenance easier for you and/or the
others. Or you maybe have an opinion on the ideas I just presented.
Share them with us, please! :)

I have a suggestion that would make supporting yast way easier:

Yast D E B U G G E R!!!!!

Most successful computer languages have debuggers. Why doesn't Yast
have one?

YaST developers are real hackers, doing debug prints only.


Actually, there never was a strong need for a debugger. It was
discussed a few times, but never got sufficient traction/priority
to get implemented.

Response from the support perspective:

I can see how within the "yast circle of developers", you don't think
you need it. But if you want to make yast more main stream and you
want people like me supporting it (and like supporting it) and making it so SuSE
Yast developers spend more time doing yast development rather
than spending valuable time helping debug a yast issue.

Yast is complex. Yast is big. Too big to not have a debugger. It would
be nice in situations where the customer says I'm having an issue
and I do not have the hardware, nor the environment to help them.

Response from the developer in me:

You crazy. I will never pick up a language without a debugger. Life
is too short to be using print statements. I don't have the time or bandwidth
to even figure out where I would need to put a print statement? If I
run into a problem, I would love to attach to a process and figure out
what it's doing. It's the fastest way to learn a complex system like Yast
without having to spend hours and hours walking code.

Roberto Angelino
Dedicated Partner Engineer
Developer Support
(310) 529-3527

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