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Re: [yast-devel] Moving YaST from Subversion to Git
Martin Vidner write:

Git is better. Git enables fearless hacking, power to the people,
easy merging. Being distributed, Git enables you to commit often to
your local repository and only publish the changes once you are
satisfied with the code. The tool supports you even if you do not
have write access to the master repo (yet), which lowers the barrier
to contribution.


- I convert the SVN repo locally
- once it looks usable enough, let people clone it for more testing

- make sure everyone feels comfortable with Git; educate and help
the newbies

I think that move to git is a great step forward.
- work out the remaining conversion issues
- Where: select a hosting service (gitorious, github, elsewhere?)

I think it is not important as git allow to have it everywhere. What is just
needed is to select authoritative source.

- adapt devtools

Good idea, but don't reinvent wheel. And if you find something useful try to
push it upstream ( like tag and push)

- decide how to split it (platform - modules - libyui?)

I think in ideal case we should have everything separated and for dependencies
use git submodules -

- consider the commit/push policies, and their enforcement via Git
hooks; for example:
- git-flow
- whitespace rules
- .changes ordering

Absolutely agree. Git hooks is great tool and we should benefit from it.


I want to do it, but I could use a helping hand, both for the
details and making sure the project keeps moving.

I recommend set list of tasks, so we can easier pick something if anyone have



If maintenance work permits, rather soon. Unlike the rest of the
Amaranth project, this can go forward before we decide the language
and architecture.

Josef Reidinger
Appliance Toolkit team
maintainer of perl-Bootloader, yast2-bootloader and parts of webyast and SLMS
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