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[yast-devel] WebYaST will help the openness

I've just talked with Michal Svec, a product manager, about YaST and
WebYaST. (Not knowing about our discussion, he wanted to know how
hard it is to "copy" YaST features to WebYaST.) I noted that in the
short term we instead want to work on opening the project, and he
had these insights:

Motivation: removing barriers to entry like I proposed is fine, but
YaST already includes everything and the kitchen sink, so people
have little motivation to contribute by adding new features. On the
other hand, WebYaST is small feature-wise, so we could take advantage
of that and of the current demand for the web stuff and make sure
contributing to WebYaST is easy.

YaST on other distributions: ZYpp is a community project thanks to
libzypp and zypper being actually used by other distros. Can we do
the same for YaST? It is much bigger so it is hard. How about
porting a smaller part like WebYaST?

Martin Vidner, YaST developer

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