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Re: [yast-devel] Direction of YaST Architecture?

On 02/10/2011 06:52 AM, Stanislav Visnovsky wrote:
On štvrtok 10 Február 2011 10:13:10 Klaus Kaempf wrote:
* Gabriele Mohr <gs@xxxxxxx> [Feb 09. 2011 10:22]:
Am 28.01.2011 16:50, schrieb Arvin Schnell:

in a recent telco the question about the direction of the YaST
architecture was raised.

I miss an important fact when reading the discussion here. For me it's
not clearly pointed out how WebYaST and YaST will work together nicely
in future.

Thanks for bringing this up.

I think they should share as much code as possible, e.g. an
interface which provides the logic for system access (something like
Klaus has proposed?).
I think it's a very important goal to bring WebYaST and YaST together
and this aspect should be more respected in the discussion.

This reveals a key problem in the current discussion - treating YaST
and WebYaST as separate projects.

I believe this is wrong.

What's needed is a common infrastructure/backend resp. API to do management
tasks on a Linux system.

This forms the low-level development API for the various user

What we currently know/discuss as 'YaST' would be the (rich) Qt user
What we currently know/discuss as 'WebYaST' would be the (limited) Web user
Additionally, a CLI interface for scripting is needed.

All those user interfaces are using the common backend, exposing
different details and functionality.

I'm loosing the sense of small steps, we are discussing grand unification
plans again.

Without a clear picture of the architecture that everyone can work from
you end up with something that is cobbled together and the pieces never
fit properly.

The implementation steps should be on the smallish side, no question.
But there ought to be a big picture showing the "macro architecture" if
you will, maybe something like the attached diagram.

The everyone can work on their own little piece of the world but with
the big picture in mind. That way things will fit together. Having
something like this ought to make it easier to make decisions about the
moving parts.


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