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Re: [yast-devel] Amaranth: Why Ruby
On Wednesday 09 February 2011 15:07:07 Martin Vidner wrote:
Amaranth: Why Ruby

Robert suggested a survey to choose the language, but that would
omit the reasoning, the criteria. The implied criterion is:

- popularity among current and potential contributors
where Ruby wins the SUSE WebYaST people and other SUSE web/Rails

Let me add other ones I could think of:

- existing code base
We have YaPI and User in Perl
We want to interface with WebYaST in Ruby

- the above two combined: libraries and contributors of other distros'
yast-like tools Fedora, Ubuntu, Pardus use Python

- runtime efficiency
it matters for installation RAM requirements
I don't have the data. Anyone?
So far I found
which basically says that rb 1.8 has bloated @members so use 1.9 or

In the end I think that barring a veto by another criterion, the
most important one is the availability of developers to make the
transition. That results in Ruby, but I may be wrong and maybe there
are five of you who will say "Yes! As long as it's Intercal!"

Please reply with insights into the criteria already mentioned, your
preferences, or other criteria.

Actually, we should use upstream stuff where appropriate, and here I see
Python more common. As long as we want to use e.g. PackageKit as back-end, we
need to have Python installed (and occupying memory) anyway.

I think that we should look into libraries which will most likely be used and
consider whether it is worth it aligning on a single language.



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