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Re: [yast-devel] Direction of YaST Architecture?
On Wednesday 09 February 2011 10:22:15 Gabriele Mohr wrote:
I miss an important fact when reading the discussion here. For me it's
not clearly pointed out how WebYaST and YaST will work together nicely
in future.

IMHO this is the most important point that needs to be discussed before any
further decisions could be made. But it needs to be discussed with both teams,
YaST and WebYaST. Thank you Gabi for raising this.

YaST and WebYaST share very big and important goals:
- both do system configuration and management
- both currently rely on YCP and want to get rid of it
- both need an alternative way to do system configuration

It does not make sense to develop two separate solutions for this as the
problems to solve with both tools are basically the same.

So what we need is _one_ generic (standadized) interface/library to do system
configuration that does not rely on YCP.

The new tool needs to be easy to use for a web application as well as the
current YaST. It could also allow easy commandline access so scripted
configuration tasks would not rely on any YaST part or any UI (think of JeOS).
At best such a tool is also platform independant and could run on various
linux distributions. This will also attract others to jump in and help - note,
they will get our UIs (WebYaST and the three YaST UIs) for free.
With such an approach YaST could really turn into a community project.


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