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Re: [yast-devel] Features of the YCP successor
On Friday 04 February 2011 11:00:00 Duncan Mac-Vicar P. wrote:
OSX also uses CUPS, but the printer configuration is a small settings on
the desktop and not a system wide configuration that you need first that
it exists.

It is only 'presented' as a setting on the desktop, but what they do is to
configure the system wide CUPS configuration.
OS X just shows this module next to the other custom desktop settings. So it
seems to be a desktop setting - but it isn't. Btw. the OS X "Sharing" module
also changes system wide configuration as it creates Samba, FTP and NFS

So would you say, that it would help to integrate the YaST modules into the
desktop configuration docks of each desktop?

I still wonder, if there is a printer database, why it is not possible
to just plug the printer, have some rule match the id, pick the right
ppd, adjust/restart cups, everything automatically (basically what
Windows does if you throw the vendor CDs to the trash first).

Because the world is not perfect.
There is a bugzilla database but still no bug-free linux distribution, why?

You can do a lot of autoconfiguration with printers - actually we do, as you
experienced yourself :)
So a CUPS server on the local LAN is just used by default. A connected (and
supported) printer can be autoconfigured during installation - but note: its
the YaST printer module that does this (it does exactly what you describe
above: pick a ppd and restart cups).

But there are printers and print server out there that are not that easy to

Speaking of my print server at home, I will always have to configure it
manually, as it is just a dump (hardware) print server - no CUPS, just plain
lpd via network. This device doesn't even tell what printer is connected to
it. I already printed on my printer from various linux distributions, several
Mac OS X versions and a small number of Windows systems. But none of them was
able to detect the printer automatically, I always had to configure it
manually. So there actually is a need for a manual configuration module. But
of course lets autoconfigure as much as possible.


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