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Re: [yast-devel] Features of the YCP successor
* Martin Vidner <mvidner@xxxxxxx> [Feb 02. 2011 10:48]:

I agree with all of this, but the problem is that the only
conclusion I can make of this list is that any of Python, Ruby, Perl
is vastly superior to YCP. It does not help to choose among the 3.

Actually, the underlying implementation language shouldn't matter too
much to a developer using a future YaST infrastructure.

I would strongly suggest to look into the concept of domain specific
languages and focus on systems managemen functionality instead of
language specifics.

The key is to use concepts a systems administrator is familiar with.

To give you an example, lets assume we want to add a new harddisk as
/abuild. The code could look like this

# create a new 'handle' to manage the disk
disk = "/dev/..."

# defaults to use the whole disk with ext4

# alternative
# disk.create_partition :filesystem => :btrfs

disk.label = "Abuild"

# create a 'mountpoint' object
# 'system' is a global object representing the target
mountpoint = system.mkdir "/abuild"

# mount first disk partition, associates mountpoint object with partition
mountpoint.mount disk.partitions.first

# create fstab entry, mountpoint has all required information
system.fstab.add mountpoint

Those of you with Ruby knowledge will see the similarities ;-) And
thats for a reason since Ruby is ideally suited to implement domain
specific languages.

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