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Re: [yast-devel] Anything but YCP
On Sun, Jan 30, 2011 at 02:35:26PM +0100, Stanislav Višňovský wrote:
So what seems desirable and feasible? Some ideas:

1) Replace YCP with some common language? With more that 100
modules this looks impossible.

I think this is a good and the only viable option if YaST code should survive
in long run.

The knowledge of YCP internals is slowly forgotten and the language is
for some time now.

In short, I agree with Stano.

YCP has many shortcomings, the elephant in the room being its lack
of object orientation. Of course we will have to maintain YCP to
keep the existing code in the existing products working. But for new
development, *anything* is better than YCP, simply by virtue of
being widespread.
(Even Perl seems not to be write-only lately: )

2) Allow a common language next to YCP? A good integration seems

I see this as step towards goal 1).

Yes. It may be difficult but I see no alternative.

3) Improve YCP (at least fix bugs)? Do we want that?

What kind of bugs do you see in YCP? There is only a couple of them I'm aware
of and they can be easily workarounded. In this regard, I don't think it's
worth trying to fix them.

Let me distinguish YCP as the language and YCP as the interpreter
and data model. Even if we phase out the language, the interpreter
needs improvements as it is the means through which the
widespread-language bindings communicate with old code.

In particular I mean the thing I mentioned in the call: Enabling to
write real test suites, by allowing to mock other APIs than SCR
agents. Otherwise we cannot refactor and risk that simple
maintenance will mutate the project to an untouchable state.

Martin Vidner, YaST developer

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