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Re: [yast-devel] Building packages in OBS YaST:Head in openSUSE_Factory_zypp_Head repo
Dne 4.1.2011 16:54, Josef Reidinger napsal(a):
Lukas Ocilka write:
Dne 4.1.2011 16:29, Ladislav Slezak napsal(a):
It is fine for me as I don't see benefit for other packages beside ones which
depend on libzypp and need to check if it build. I also think that we should
completely remove support for opensuse 11.2 because it doesn't make sense for
as many changes is for the latest change and for testing at least 11.3 should
minimal requirement.

All packages have already disabled build for 11.2 (I could not remove the
repository completely because some people branched it and OBS does not allow to
remove it when there are branches.)

First of all, we need to answer these questions: * How often do we rebuild
packages? Is that really so significant?

Yes. Rebuild happen quite often as yast has many dependencies and more target
builds is not necessary.

If you look at the monitor page
( you will
notice that
rebuilds happen quite often.

* Wouldn't maintenance of this solution cost us too much?

I think there is no cost. Just set as default not build for this target and
affected packages set as build for this target.

There is no cost for us, the sources are the same, they are just built against
latest libzypp (which might not be in Factory yet).

* Who's going to take care about it anyway?

I can take care, It is quite easy and fast.

Done. It was just few clicks ;-)


Best Regards

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Yast Developer
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