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Re: [yast-devel] Re: On WebYaST design
  • From: Martin Kudlvasr <mkudlvasr@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2010 12:58:57 +0200
  • Message-id: <201007141258.57402.mkudlvasr@xxxxxxx>
On Wednesday 14 July 2010 12:03:19 Klaus Kaempf wrote:
* Martin Kudlvasr <mkudlvasr@xxxxxxx> [Jun 30. 2010 16:08]:
Hi all,

today we (me, jsrain, jreidinger) had a small chat about what we'd like
to change in webyast from the appliance users POV. This is the result. We
think that these changes really should get into appliance toolkit 1.1.

Martin and others,

thanks a lot for putting this list together !

Please add
- value (why should we do this, it is e.g. missing from the 'send js
and css together' proposal)
- effort
- risk

Generally, I'm fine with any change which
- doesn't break anything (a good testsuite will ensure this)
- gives value (either to us in cleaner code / lower maintenance or to


During our talk yesterday (kkaempf, jsrain, mvidner, jreidinger, me), I
greatly reduced the list. If we really are going to rethink webyast from the
bottom up after ApplianceToolkit 1.1, then let's save the effort for now.

Revised list of design features:

Name the Appliance - effort: low
Don't mention localhost - effort: low
Speed up - effort: Josef has already almost finished this task
Send js and css together - effort: Vlad has already almost finished this task
Get rid of jquery styles - effort: medium (mainly testing that nothing was
- value: reduce the count of http requests for each
page (great speedup)
Use headlines as breadcrumbs - effort: low (we stay on top level mostly)

And always remember Grace Hopper and her notable quotation ;-)

Oh yeah ...



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