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Re: [yast-devel] On WebYaST design
  • From: Vladislav Gorobets <vgorobets@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 01 Jul 2010 09:24:21 +0200
  • Message-id: <4C2C42A5.2070306@xxxxxxx>
Am 30.06.2010 16:18, schrieb Martin Kudlvasr:
Hi all,

today we (me, jsrain, jreidinger) had a small chat about what we'd like to
change in webyast from the appliance users POV. This is the result. We think
that these changes really should get into appliance toolkit 1.1.

== Name the appliance ==
The "My appliance" string in header does not give any information to the
Let's put there something useful - like the appliance name defined in Studio.

== Don't mention localhost ==
In appliance toolkit 1.1, let's specialize the WebYaST interface for
use. The webyast-UI is always connected to the localhost webyast-WS
(webservice, restful). We should hide this information from the user.

== Move System Actions ==
System actions on the main controlpanel screen is a control, which will not
used very often. Let's make it a separate UI module.

== Status into header ==
The status control in controlpanel is taking a lot of space and distracts
the module links/icons. Let's make it as small as possible (icons only or
a short text) and move it to the header.

== Reuse status and updates ==
Display the old status (and updates) information immediately and exchange it
for the new one when the new one is loaded. Don't use the waiting animations,
they make the user wait and he should not be kept waiting in this situation.
The ajax must not block the other use of the page, of course.

== Categories of modules ==
By making the list of modules the main (only) part of the controlpanel page,
we can use this to separate the modules into several categories (system,
networking, users & groups, webyast settings, ...).

Quicksand is really great plugin for it.

For each icon could be added the short description right of.

Some eye candys:

== Show only usable modules ==
Currently an icon for module is shown the same way whether the user has
permission to work with it or not. Let's hide (or display differently) those,
which the user doesn't have full permissions for.

== Speed up ==
Currently too many http requests to webyast-WS happen before a single page is
displayed. Page loads are very slow. Josef (jreidinger) offered himself to
work on this issue.

1. At the moment I am working on mod_deflate (gzip) for lighttpd,
which compress static and dynamic content. (currently we are using only
mod_compress for static content)
"With mod_deflate, you can compress HTML, text or XML files to
approx. 20 - 30% of their original sizes, thus saving you server traffic
and making your modem users happier"

== Send js and css together ==
We have many separate js and css files. Let's implement some system (or
process) to collects them and send them in a single request.

2. Also as the next to do what I want "to do" is "YUI Compressor" for
rails, Studio team already use it for Production mode

== Get rid of jquery styles ==
Currently we use many css files, but most of the useful definitions are in a
few of them. For example we don't use much of the original jquery styles.
Let's redefine what is left and use only our styles. Let's also gather them
into 1 file using sass.

== Remake selection controls ==
Our selection controls in Firewall, Users and Groups module uses 2 separate
lists of items. User can click the items to switch between the 2 lists
(selected items/unselected items). The original motivation was to have the
selected items easily distinguished from the unselected items. But the 2
change often (layout moves) and the movements are confusing. Let's use a non-
moving list of checkboxes with labels. Labels of checked checkboxes will be
highlighted, so the user can quickly overview, which items are selected.

== Popup notes ==
Let's start to use popup notes to give user more information when he hovers
over a control. Let's use it in controlpanel for each module icon, in
selection controls to say, what's going to happen, in navigation buttons to
say, what's going to be saved or lost. Let's give user this additional
information in a way which doesn't clutter the page.

Very good popup jquery based plugin:

== You can change this later ==
When using Studio, I really liked that I was informed that the name of
appliance was not fixed (and could be changed later). We should tell the user
during Firstboot (basesystem setup) that the chosen values can be changed

== Headline whitespace ==
We use too much whitespace around our module headlines (those with the module
icon). We can move the whole headline into header, or just save the space
around it.

== Show unsaved changes ==
The user can forget or not feel the need to save his changes. This can happen
in a multi-tab form for example. We should inform the user that he is leaving
some changes unsaved. We can do it by giving a special highlight to the Save
button (with a corresponding popup note) when user makes the first change. We
can treat the Back link in a similar way.

== Use headline as breadcrumbs ==
In some modules there are more than 1 page and the user often wants to go to
the root page of the module. The Back link in navigation buttons can be at
bottom of the page (which means scrolling). Let's use the module headline as
breadcrumbs - by clicking pieces of the headline user can go up in the module.

Completely agreed, this will speed up the navigation in WebYaST

== Highlight active controls ==
Whenever some control is changeable, it should react on hover. This applies
particularly to accordions.

Nice hover effects:

== Reduce the frames ==
There are many border frames on a single page. Let's reduce it (ultimately to
0). There is no need to have them other that they sometimes look nice.

== All status graphs at once ==
To get a specific status information it takes several clicks with long
page/partial loads between them. An 1 page overview of all status graphs
be really helpful. The graphs would have to be returned fast. This calls for
asynchronous generation of the status data. Let's generate them regularly,
show user the old ones immediately and then exchange them when the new ones
are generated.

== Separate logs view ==
System logs does not fit well with the other parts of status. They should be
viewed separately. Either in a different tab or in a different UI module.

** For speed up, we can use Ajax content loading while scrolling**
see demo1:
see demo2:
== Waiting animations ==
Use of waiting/hourglass animations is inconsistent between webyast modules.
Let's unify it in a similar way to how we prevent Submit button doubleclick.

I did some sample already with BlockUi, great plugin is easy to use and
the effort to adapt it in WebYaST is realy minimal.
But for Repositories module we have to add some corrections to prevent
blocking the whole form.

Congratulations if you actually read all this list. We really think these
changes are important. After some brief discussion, I'll file individual
bugreports for all the items.

Some additionals:

For other input forms to speed up the input for example of ip subnet
mask and others we can use this plugin:

Better visual feedback by wrong input (maybe instead of "This field is
required" ):

Please comment!
Martin Kudlvasr

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