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[yast-devel] user module and basic ui proposal
  • From: Martin Schmidkunz <martin.schmidkunz@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 1 Feb 2010 14:20:41 +0100
  • Message-id: <66DC486F-B3DB-4ACD-89CF-9F9C520D8E0B@xxxxxxxx>

please find a proposal for users dialog on:

As I could not figure out, how to give the link in the list a different format via css I had to skip the link adding :-(
Can anyone give me a hint?
If that is solved, than of course you would click on edit and then you would get the following page:

* Login settings: show basic settings for a user
* Groups: what is missing is an overview of groups the user is already a member. This overview should be a list similar to the users overview. When the user hovers over a group he is shown the following:
Leave group | Group ID: 123 | Show group members

Unfortunately I lack the technical skills to implement this. Can anyone help me with that?
Is there a way to display a description of the group (at least I find it hard to image what is behind the group "video")?

* Advanced settings: advanced stuff like login shell, home directory. What would be a non-technical description for these terms?

Groups management: not really included in the mock up. One idea for group management would be to split the overview vertically into a users overview and a group overview.

Permissions: I think that it would make sense to include user permissions in the users module.

The users proposal also shows a kind of general proposal for overviews:

* "Add" should be shown as a button on top of the overview
* The overview items are shown as short entries. On hover some basic actions are revealed: Edit/Delete or in case of services Start/Stop, Refresh.
* Edit: settings are shown on the next page with Save/Cancel as buttons.
* Delete: shows a confirmation pop up

Instead of tabs sliders are used to make the layout more consistent. On hover settings are shown.

Filter is shown between the add button and the overview aligned on the left. Is it technical possible to filter the list entries as used in users overview?
If something is typed in which is not in the list, would it be possible to include this entry and add a "This entry does not exist. Would you like to create it?")

Looking forward to your comments,


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