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Re: [yast-devel] alignment of form elements
  • From: Robert Lihm <rlihm@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2009 12:27:55 +0100
  • Message-id: <A2C4CDED-973C-4457-A1B6-1463028B3485@xxxxxxx>

On 28.10.2009, at 10:15, Martin Schmidkunz wrote:

Just a note, fieldset *must* have id and all ids in html page (not only
in fieldset but all) must be unique for valid xhtml code.

Thanks for the note!

Sorry, but as I know, there is no requirement for IDs in fieldsets. Could you provide a source for this information? My google research was negativ.

Thanx :-)

If you want to use headlines in a form, use <fieldset>.
Form elements are separated by putting each form element into a single

What is advantage of usage <p> over <div>?

I`d like to pass that question to an expert :-)
Robert, could you please comment on this? Thanks!

1. I would say, it's correct from the semantic point of view. It's a common way to do it.
2. <p> has standard behaviour which allows me to write less CSS :-D

IMHO it makes the code more readable. A never ending <div>-structure is much harder to scann -visually- then a form => fieldset => p => whatEver hierarchy.

Does this answer your question?





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