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[yast-devel] Re: [zypp-devel] JFYI: libzypp-6.11.0 supports download policy for commit.
  • From: Jano Kupec <jkupec@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2009 15:37:16 +0200
  • Message-id: <4A6DAD8C.9040608@xxxxxxx>
Michael Andres wrote:

With libzypp-6.11.0 you can now choose among several download modes. The
mode is set in ZYppCommitPolicy.

DownloadOnly, //!< Just download all packages to the local cache.
//!< Do not install. Implies a dry-run.

DownloadInAdvance, //!< First download all packages to the local cache.
//!< Then start to install.

DownloadInHeaps, //!< Similar to DownloadInAdvance, but try to split
//!< the transaction into heaps, where at the end of
//!< each heap a consistent system state is reached.

DownloadAsNeeded //!< Alternating download and install. Packages are
//!< cached just to avid CD/DVD hopping. This is the
//!< traditional behaviour.

Next steps:

- Switch to use the satsolvers new install order computation. This should
allow to actually compute the heaps for DownloadInHeaps. Currently it's the
same as DownloadInAdvance.

- For DownloadInAdvance/DownloadInHeaps we can add file conflict checks. This

would be done after the packages are downloaded, but before anything gets

Great! I already added --download-only option to few zypper commands
like in, up, patch, dup, etc.

Now it would be nice to be able to choose between the other two modes:
DownloadAsNeeded and DownloadInAdvance/InHeaps. Michael, what about
adding these to zypp.conf? I don't think it makes sense to have this
(also) in zypper.conf, but zypper can provide an option to override the
zypp.conf (or the default) mode for current operation.

I tried DownloadInAdvance in zypper. Works nicely, but the output will
need to be changed (maybe we call some zypp callbacks unnecessarily in
case the package is already downloaded, i'll check this). I imagine yast
will need some adaptation to this, too.

I also think the DownloadInAdvance (or even better DownloadInHeaps)
should be our new default. At least once yast and zypper is ready for this.


Ján Kupec
YaST team
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