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[yast-devel] Czech YaST2 team (Prague) meeting 2009-03-12
  • From: Jozef Uhliarik <juhliarik@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2009 16:15:06 +0100
  • Message-id: <200903171615.06558.juhliarik@xxxxxxx>
Czech YaST2 team (Prague) meeting 2009-03-12

Present: jkupec, jreidinger, jsrain, jsuchome, juhliarik, kmachalkova,
locilka, mvidner, mzugec, lslezak
Minutes: juhliarik
Next Minutes: jsuchome

zypper (jkupec)
- libzypp/zypper will use augeas to (RW) access configs
- added colorization to zypper,
TODO: make it configurable, off by default
- proposed additional libzypp API features

storage (kmachalkova)
- improving usability of storage (together with aschnell and mschmidkunz)

Product Creator + Add-On Creator (jsuchome)
- Add-On Creator created wrong checksums of metadata after signing rpm
packages (bnc#484695)
- Several issues (in Product Creator), e.g.: user public key incorrectly
inserted into intrd (bnc#478975), add_on_product file not signed
(bnc#481470), not all required patterns copied to target product (bnc#482540)

network (mzugec)
- labels in additional addresses are not mandatory
- on s390 machines, when configure network devices first time, CHAN_IDS
are proposed

New SVN Branch (SLE11 SP1)
mvidner has created a new branch for SP1 fixes/changes that are not
wanted in GM (or Online Updates for GM) [link to yast-devel]

- In Qt BarGraph widget" which is used by partitioner to
visualize disk partitioning (kmachalkova)
- updated yast part of app-armor for new API (kmachalkova)
- wrong product name was caused by missing metadata on medium (lslezak)
- several fixes in Yast DBus service (lslezak)
- iscsi-client: hide passwords when show or log values from iBFT (mzugec)
- http-server: improved handling of apache modules, check modules order
and dependency (mzugec)
- working on refactoring yast2-bootloader UI (jreidinger, juhliarik)
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