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[yast-devel] YaST2 meeting Prague - 8.4.2008
  • From: Michal Zugec <mzugec@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2008 07:52:18 +0200
  • Message-id: <200804100752.18569.mzugec@xxxxxxx>
Czech YaST2 team (Prague) meeting 2008-04-08
Present: jkupec, jreidinger, jsrain, juhliarik, jsuchome, locilka, lslezak,
mvidner, mzugec
Absent: kmachalkova (exchange)

Minutes: mzugec
Next minutes: jsrain

jkupec and jreidinger are working on pool query in libzypp
(pool query API and locks, unlocking)

Product Creator
Full repository URL (=including password for https) has to be saved into kiwi
configuration file (bnc#376666).

Timezone & NTP
Timezone module now distinguishes between one-time synchronization and saving
the NTP client configuration (FaTE#302917)

There are special rules from bridged devices (mostly used for network in
virtualized environment).

sshd_config SCR agent
Two agents were merged into one because of unification.

This YCP module newly uses the `extend` command which can update a
running inst-sys with an RPM content.

Control center
inst_sources desktop file was removed because that functionality is already in
From the same reason was removed desktop files for route and dns.

CLI Command line mode support is being implemented.

Fixed problem with writing "" string in CLI.

IOgrind, valgrid
iogrind is Michael Meeks' I/O profiler and visualizer. Mvidner has packaged it
as Buildservice project:

Log compression
The y2logs in /var/log/YaST2 can be very large (20-30MB), but they compress
very well. Now they're compressed with gzip (FaTE#300637)

There is possibility to run make check without a prior make install
Added a -M and -I switch to y2base for specifying additional module and
include pathes. (The switches are taken from ycpc , different means like
passing colon-separated directories via an environment variable are also

New features:
- support for default gateway metrics (FaTE#301948)
- option in UI for dhcpcd "-G" - don't touch default route (bnc#366948)

- LPD protocol switching support (bnc#120086)
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