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Re: [opensuse-ux] Re: [yast-devel] printer module redesign
  • From: Martin Schmidkunz <mschmidkunz@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2008 15:48:24 +0100
  • Message-id: <47A725B8.4010707@xxxxxxx>
Lukas Ocilka wrote:
Considering the user experience, it's YaST Printer module, not YaST
Configuration module. You expect to configure a printer / remote printer
/ remote queue / ... here.

In my opinion, users are interested in printing, not configuring
anything :) Having known the Johaness' opinion still didn't persuade me
to accept it. Why "meaningless"?

It has something to do with that, that technically there are no printers
in the printing system.
But before I gossip around some half-truths, maybe Johannes should
explain that to you.

Still no idea what "Remote Access" is and why should I click on that tab :(
How would you name it?

Is that about sharing my local printers as network printers? In that
case, I'd rather define it for every single local printer.

* Select a printer
* Click [Edit]
* Go to 'Sharing'

That is exactly how our model works.
Remote Access -> general access settings (yes/no)
Sharing (in edit dialog) -> allow users/host access to this special queue.
Remote Access is the dialog shown in:
And sharing is the dialog shown in:

Do you have any other naming suggestion for the "Remote Access" tab?

Still very confused with "Print via Network" and still no clue why
should I click on that tab :(
How would you name it?

In my opinion, configuration should be transparent for users. They
needn't have four or five tabs to configure their printer/s. Windows XP
does this job much better with a single window.

Again: Windows XP is clearly defined for home/desktop users.
AFAIK this module should work for SLES as well.
Windows Server 2003 for example uses more than a single window :-)

Do you have any other naming suggestion for the "Print Via Network" tab?

[Add] -> [Add Printer]? / [New Printer]?
[Edit] -> [Configure]? / [Reconfigure]?
[Delete] -> [Remove]?
Because of the YaST style guide :-)

Oh, style-guide can be changed :) It's not a definite set of rules
written into stone ;)

Should we first try to have at least one style guide, which is applied
before thinking of rewriting it again? :-)



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