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Re: [yast-devel] yast2-ncurses has a status line :)
  • From: Ricardo Cruz <rpmcruz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 11:12:07 +0000
  • Message-id: <1198062727.8845.45.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Qua, 2007-12-19 às 09:59 +0100, Stephan Kulow escreveu:
For the record: yast-gtk never had help inline and I moved it to a popup
for yast-qt too, so perhaps ncurses should follow the crowd and provide
help by popup only too.


I think we still had help as a side pane for 10.2. But I wasn't happy
with it, and the final drop was that it got on the way of screen

If you guys are following the same path here, it would be cool to
re-think the help material. I think most of it is an insult to the user;
it describes the interface elements, while failing to explain what the
tool is for, and how it will do what it purposes (it should state that
it will overwrite file X, Y, and Z, and restart daemon A and B). Some
troubleshooting is also in serious need.

The lack of overview help material is not only a result of the limited
space on the help box, but actual limitations on what its content can
be. I would have at least help on the current screen and access to
general information on the tool. Eventually, I think help should be
completely navigational, possibly using the desktops help programs
(KHelpCenter on KDE, Yelp on Gnome).

I think it would be nice for Yast to have the syntax to describe the
various tools path. The YCP would declare some hooks to build the
various yast pages, then use Show(page_id). On top of that, you'd have
information on how they relate to each other, and the help material.
This would allow more control for the UIs on how they present the
interface. For instance, on Gnome, when the user presses "Add Printer",
the subsequent dialog should be presented as a new window, with a
guideline information on the several steps to complete the task. The
current approach where the window morphs into different usage paradigm
is pretty awkward.

Now, we also need some little text describing the current step. I would
make this really small, and let the UI render it as it wants. For
instance, as a sub-header. Or for KDE, like KControl modules do, with a
little help button that pops up that help with a link to the full thing.

We may also want to think on providing tooltips, though I think they
are of less priority.

Also, it seems that the installer is becoming more RAM expensive at
every release. Having a dedicated box to help won't help, because it
will encourage people to expand it, and, as it is, the help text stays
in memory, including when you go to sub-pages, the parent pages will
still be in memory.


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