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Re: [yast-devel] Re: [opensuse-factory] Accessible installer
  • From: Bryen <suseROCKS@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 11:50:02 -0600
  • Message-id: <1196272202.22019.14.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

On Wed, 2007-11-28 at 09:21 +0100, Stanislav Visnovsky wrote:
Let's move to yast-devel.

Dňa Wednesday 28 November 2007 04:23:55 Hans Petter Jansson ste napísal:
The GNOME team set up a wiki page for 11.0 ideas. One of the requests is
for accessibility options to be available in the YaST installer, in

* Screen magnifier - shows a magnified version of the portion of the
screen you're pointing at.

* Screen reader - reads the labels and input text out loud.

* Braille output - provides tactile display of labels and input text via
a special device.

In GNOME, we use Orca to accomplish this, together with the at-spi
infrastructure. It is a Python app. I don't know what Qt/KDE uses, but I
imagine something similar.

So I have some questions for the YaST/installer guys:

* What accessibility technologies are available in the installer today,
and how are they configured?

AFAIK, we have support for visually impaired people:
- linuxrc can be run in linemode to allow screen readers
- yast2 ncurses interface has high contrast color scheme available
- there is support for braille peripherials

* If we're missing accessibility functionality, how feasible would it be
to implement it for 11.0?

Depends on the technology. One constraint I see right away is the size of of
inst-sys, we would need to do some magic there to keep it reasonably sized.

First, we would need to know exactly what we want to support. The 3 points


If I can jump in here. the above 3 are representative of real-life
examples we have encountered recently.

- One person identified needing sound output, and thus required someone
else to install openSuse before he could use it. He is in this business
- Myself, I need some level of magnification. I can get by with what I
can see today, but as my vision worsens... I may not be able to provide
technical support for my customers without magnification built into the
installer. Personally, with all the technology today, I don't want the
computer to be the one thing that keeps me from continuing to work. :-)
- In the opensuse general mailing list, there was a newcomer who stated
he used a braille terminal and was having difficulty installing
openSuse. He disappeared after that one night, so I don't know whether
he was successful or not. My guess is, since we haven't heard from him,
probably not. Unfortunately, I don't know braille nor do I own a
braille terminal, so it isn't something I can test out for

In fact, AFAICT, building these features into the installer would
probably make Yast the most accessible installer the world has ever

If a magnifier is not that simple to integrate (I don't know my way
around coding), perhaps some built in hot key to expand text? Like CTRL
+Arrow-up key expands fonts, and CTRL+Arrow-dn key shrinks fonts.
There's enough white space in many of the installer pages to accommodate
text expansion. Although, I still think a mouse-based magnifier is a
more elegant solution.

I should emphasize that magnification isn't just an accessibility need.
Sometimes normal-sighted people need magnification as well. I've seen
on some monitors, the installer fonts are sooo tiny that a hot-key
magnification would be greatly appreciated.

Just wanted to offer you guys some perspective here.. :)


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