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[yast-commit] New comment in project openSUSE:Factory:Staging:C by coolo

Stephan Kulow wrote in project openSUSE:Factory:Staging:C:

<!--- osc staging select --->
The list of requests tracked in openSUSE:Factory:Staging:C has changed:

* Request#246780 for package doxygen submitted by @pgajdos
* Request#247050 for package p11-kit submitted by @lnussel
* Request#247057 for package yast2 submitted by @yast-team
* Request#247058 for package yast2-inetd submitted by @yast-team
* Request#247074 for package gnutls submitted by @msmeissn
* Request#247075 for package libXaw3d submitted by @WernerFink
* Request#247079 for package glew submitted by @sbrabec
* Request#247110 for package iprutils submitted by @msmeissn
* Request#247114 for package vsftpd submitted by @msmeissn
* Request#247116 for package multipath-tools submitted by @msmeissn
* Request#247118 for package krb5 submitted by @msmeissn
* Request#247149 for package wicked submitted by @mtomaschewski
* Request#247179 for package xinetd submitted by @msmeissn
* Request#247182 for package yast2-packager submitted by @yast-team
* Request#247198 for package yast2-network submitted by @yast-team
* Request#247199 for package yast2-installation submitted by @yast-team
* Request#247222 for package systemd submitted by @rmilasan
* Request#247235 for package yast2-ntp-client submitted by @yast-team

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