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[yast-commit] r58629 - in /trunk/installation: control/control.openSUSE.xml src/clients/inst_new_desktop.ycp
  • From: kmachalkova@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2009 09:04:52 -0000
  • Message-id: <E1Mn7US-0000zb-OT@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Author: kmachalkova
Date: Mon Sep 14 11:04:51 2009
New Revision: 58629

Moved part of the desktop selection text into help


Modified: trunk/installation/control/control.openSUSE.xml
--- trunk/installation/control/control.openSUSE.xml (original)
+++ trunk/installation/control/control.openSUSE.xml Mon Sep 14 11:04:51 2009
@@ -393,12 +393,7 @@
supported under openSUSE. Both desktop environments are easy to use,
highly integrated, and have an attractive look and feel. Each desktop
environment has a distinct style, so personal taste determines which
-is the most appropriate desktop for you.
-You may select alternative desktop environments using the Other
-option. Later in the software selection or after installation, you
-can change or add additional desktop environments. This screen allows
-you to set the default.</label></desktop_dialog>
+is the most appropriate desktop for you.</label></desktop_dialog>

<!-- Desktop dialog: desktop names -->
<desktop_gnome><label>GNOME Desktop</label></desktop_gnome>

Modified: trunk/installation/src/clients/inst_new_desktop.ycp
--- trunk/installation/src/clients/inst_new_desktop.ycp (original)
+++ trunk/installation/src/clients/inst_new_desktop.ycp Mon Sep 14 11:04:51 2009
@@ -33,12 +33,13 @@
// TRANSLATORS: help text, part 1
string help = _("<p>At Linux <b>choice</b> is a top priority. <i>openSUSE</i>
offers a number
of different desktop environments. Below you see a list of the 2 major ones
-<b>GNOME</b> and <b>KDE</b>. Both provide an easy to use desktop
-with a large number of desktop applications such as email, file browser, games
and many others.</p>") +
+<b>GNOME</b> and <b>KDE</b>.") +

// TRANSLATORS: help text, part 3
-_("<p>Selecting <b>Other</b>, you can chose a minimal installation that
-could fit your needs better.</p>");
+_("<p>You may select alternative desktop environments (or one of minimal
installation patterns)
+that could fit your needs better using the <b>Other</b> option . Later in the
+selection or after installation, you can change your selection or add
additional desktop
+environments. This screen allows you to set the default.</p>");

if (DefaultDesktop::Desktop() == nil || DefaultDesktop::Desktop() == "") {

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