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09 July, 2009

13:33 jsmeix [yast-commit] r57981 - in /trunk/printer: data/ data/ data/ src/overview.ycp
13:52 mzugec [yast-commit] <web-client> master : First test for systemtime
14:17 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : Support nested resources (below non-singulars only for now)
14:17 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : Remove routes.rb from users, add permissions as nested resource
14:22 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : Drop explicit routing from users
14:25 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : Lower precedence when nesting
14:29 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : Drop stand-alone testing, update comments
14:48 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Drop blank before '('
14:55 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : if not -> unless
14:58 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : refactor slp scan out of SessionsController
15:00 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : AuthenticatedSystem is in ApplicationController
15:11 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Make it Apple-free
15:45 mvidner [yast-commit] r57982 - in /branches/tmp/mvidner/core-dbus-values: dbus/SCR_service/ dbus/namespace_service/src/ dbus/namespace_service/testsuite/ libscr/src/ liby2dbus/src/
15:46 mvidner [yast-commit] r57983 - in /branches/tmp/mvidner/core-dbus-values: dbus/namespace_service/testsuite/ liby2dbus/src/
16:41 Bjoern Geuken [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : status module: code rewiev, added tests, added some #fixme marks
16:49 Duncan Mac-Vicar P [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : add dbus
16:57 Duncan Mac-Vicar P [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : I heard this ran on 11.1
18:04 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Handle wrong permissions gracefully
18:35 jdsn [yast-commit] r57984 - in /branches/moblin: ./ registration/ registration/VERSION registration/package/yast2-registration.changes
18:36 jdsn [yast-commit] r57985 - /branches/moblin/registration/
18:45 jdsn [yast-commit] r57986 - /branches/moblin/
18:45 jdsn [yast-commit] r57987 - /branches/moblin/
18:52 jdsn [yast-commit] r57988 - /branches/moblin/
18:53 jdsn [yast-commit] r57989 - /branches/Moblin/
18:59 jdsn [yast-commit] r57990 - /branches/Moblin/test/
19:00 jdsn [yast-commit] r57991 - /branches/Moblin/test/
19:02 jdsn [yast-commit] r57992 - /branches/Moblin/x11/
19:08 jdsn [yast-commit] r57993 - in /branches/Moblin/x11: MAINTAINER Makefile.cvs RPMNAME VERSION package/ scripts/ src/ testsuite/
20:05 jdsn [yast-commit] r57994 - in /branches/Moblin/x11: ./ package/ scripts/ src/ src/autoyast/dialog/ src/autoyast/modules/ src/autoyast/proposal/ src/config/ src/dialog/ src/proposal/

10 July, 2009

07:16 Jiří Šrain [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : added rubygem-relevance-rcov to pre-req[F
08:09 mvidner [yast-commit] r57995 - /branches/tmp/mvidner/core-dbus-values/liby2dbus/src/
08:21 mvidner [yast-commit] r57996 - in /branches/tmp/mvidner/core-dbus-values/dbus/namespace_service/testsuite:
08:22 mvidner [yast-commit] r57997 - /branches/tmp/mvidner/core-dbus-values/dbus/namespace_service/testsuite/
08:33 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : Document where to get packages from
08:41 Stefan Schubert [yast-commit] <web-client> master : first running version of status
08:41 mvidner [yast-commit] r57998 - in /branches/tmp/mvidner/core-dbus-values/dbus/namespace_service/testsuite:
08:50 mzugec [yast-commit] <web-client> master : extend test_index for systemtime
08:51 mzugec [yast-commit] <web-client> master : added config file
08:59 Jiří Šrain [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : made check for packages work in non-english locale
09:02 mzugec [yast-commit] <web-client> master : systemtime: permission test
09:38 aschnell [yast-commit] r57999 - /trunk/pkg-bindings/src/
09:50 coolo [yast-commit] r58000 - in /trunk/s390: VERSION doc/autodocs/ package/yast2-s390.changes
10:37 Stefan Schubert [yast-commit] <web-client> master : improved layout
10:43 lslezak [yast-commit] r58001 - in /branches/SuSE-Code-11-Branch/pkg-bindings: VERSION package/yast2-pkg-bindings.changes src/PkgFunctions.h src/ src/
10:43 lslezak [yast-commit] r58002 - /tags/branch-Code-11-2_17_39/
10:43 lslezak [yast-commit] r58003 - /tags/branch-Code-11-2_17_39/pkg-bindings/
10:49 mvidner [yast-commit] r58004 - in /branches/tmp/mvidner/core-dbus-values/dbus/namespace_service/testsuite:
11:00 mvidner [yast-commit] r58005 - in /branches/tmp/mvidner/core-dbus-values: dbus/namespace_service/testsuite/ liby2dbus/src/ liby2dbus/src/DBusMsg.h
11:10 lslezak [yast-commit] r58006 - in /branches/SuSE-Code-11-Branch/product-creator: VERSION package/yast2-product-creator.changes src/kiwi_dialogs.ycp src/wizards.ycp
11:10 lslezak [yast-commit] r58007 - /tags/branch-Code-11-2_17_23/product-creator/
11:26 lslezak [yast-commit] r58008 - in /trunk/pkg-bindings: VERSION package/yast2-pkg-bindings.changes src/PkgFunctions.h src/ src/
11:27 lslezak [yast-commit] r58009 - /tags/stable-2_18_9/pkg-bindings/
11:28 mvidner [yast-commit] r58010 - in /branches/tmp/mvidner/core-dbus-values: dbus/namespace_service/testsuite/ liby2dbus/src/
11:42 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Move controlpanel vs. session decision to main controller
11:42 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Visually enhance notifications
11:43 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Clean up and dont make it a resource
11:44 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : moved to index.<format>.erb
11:44 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : id -> class
11:52 lslezak [yast-commit] r58011 - in /branches/SuSE-SLE-10-SP3-Branch/sound: VERSION data/sndcards.ycp package/yast2-sound.changes
11:52 mvidner [yast-commit] r58012 - in /branches/tmp/mvidner/core-dbus-values: dbus/namespace_service/testsuite/ liby2dbus/src/
11:52 lslezak [yast-commit] r58013 - /tags/branch-SLE-10-SP3-2_13_24/sound/
11:55 Stefan Schubert [yast-commit] <web-client> master : added stylsheet for jqplot; showing y-axes
12:02 lslezak [yast-commit] r58014 - in /branches/SuSE-SLE-10-SP3-Branch/sound: VERSION package/yast2-sound.changes sound/src/Sound.ycp sound/src/volume.ycp
12:02 lslezak [yast-commit] r58015 - /tags/branch-SLE-10-SP3-2_13_25/
12:02 lslezak [yast-commit] r58016 - /tags/branch-SLE-10-SP3-2_13_25/sound/
12:17 Stefan Schubert [yast-commit] <web-client> master : typo fixed
12:26 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Clean up sessions controller and test, document workflow
12:53 mvidner [yast-commit] r58017 - in /branches/tmp/mvidner/core-dbus-values/dbus/namespace_service/testsuite: test_all test_server
13:06 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Harden session controller test
13:08 mvidner [yast-commit] r58018 - in /branches/tmp/mvidner/core-dbus-values/dbus/namespace_service/testsuite:
13:11 mvidner [yast-commit] r58019 - /branches/tmp/mvidner/core-dbus-values/dbus/namespace_service/doc/org.opensuse.yast.modules.yapi.samba.policy
13:11 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : fix test
13:11 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Webservices controller is not a resource
13:21 mvidner [yast-commit] r58020 - in /trunk/core: ./ dbus/SCR_service/ dbus/namespace_service/doc/ dbus/namespace_service/src/ dbus/namespace_service/testsuite/ libscr/src/ liby2dbus/src/ package/
13:27 mvidner [yast-commit] r58021 - /trunk/core/dbus/SCR_service/
13:32 mvidner [yast-commit] r58022 - in /trunk/core: VERSION package/yast2-core.changes
13:48 Stefan Schubert [yast-commit] <web-client> master : showing disk usage in a pie graphic
13:49 mvidner [yast-commit] r58023 - /tags/stable-2_18_16/core/
14:14 juhliarik [yast-commit] r58024 - /trunk/python-bindings/src/
14:53 mzugec [yast-commit] <web-client> master : systemtime: test for commit

13 July, 2009

06:57 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : refactor controller to better readeness, change layout of systemtime view
06:57 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : remove debugger from repository
07:48 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : refactor time plugin to better readiness, handle timeout when setting time to future
07:49 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : handle ActiveResources timeout in case that time is moved
08:10 Stefan Schubert [yast-commit] <web-client> master : shrinking layout
08:31 mzugec [yast-commit] <web-client> master : removed debuging
08:36 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Revert "removed debuging"
09:04 locilka [yast-commit] r58025 - in /branches/tmp/SLE-11-SP1-Stash/add-on: package/yast2-add-on.changes src/add-on-workflow.ycp
10:04 Stefan Schubert [yast-commit] <web-client> master : improved layout for memories
10:08 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Drop all the standard comments
10:08 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Use Rails 2.x style test
10:08 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : add relative path to 'require', makes tests runnable standalone
10:42 locilka [yast-commit] r58026 - /trunk/packager/package/yast2-packager.changes
11:32 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : add test for validation of generated page
11:32 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : add test for validation of generated page
12:24 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : use valid xhtml
12:24 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : fix singulars in tidy output
12:24 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : fix singulars in tidy output
12:24 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : add summary for table for accesibility
12:24 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : fix assert, so it correctly report valid pages
12:29 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Rubyfi
12:58 Stefan Schubert [yast-commit] <web-client> master : made it more robustness
12:59 rhafer [yast-commit] r58027 - /trunk/ldap-server/src/agent/
13:10 Ladislav Slezak [yast-commit] <web-client> master : service_resource.rb - catch NoMethodError exception
13:15 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : add testing dependency
13:15 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : add validation assert also to time module
13:15 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : fix html code to be valid (by tidy)
13:26 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Check also login to be non-blank
13:26 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Ugh, ActiveResource fails if uri doesn't start with http(s)://
13:26 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Start with unit testing Account
13:28 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Require by relative path
13:39 rhafer [yast-commit] r58028 - in /trunk/ldap-server: VERSION package/yast2-ldap-server.changes
13:42 rhafer [yast-commit] r58029 - /tags/stable-2_18_0/ldap-server/
13:45 Jiri Suchomel [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : fixed typo
14:03 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Move session store to database
14:03 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Don't track generated files in git
14:04 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Cleanup and FIXMEs
14:17 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Revert session store database
14:17 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Ignore db/schema.rb
14:23 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Don't put exceptions into flash[]
14:24 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : fix crash during show all (|= converts to boolean)
14:33 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Cope with missing patches proxy
14:43 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : change previous commit to more ruby way (thanks to kkaempf)
14:45 ug [yast-commit] r58030 - in /trunk/autoinstallation: package/autoyast2.changes src/dialogs/general_dialogs.ycp src/modules/AutoinstGeneral.ycp
15:07 kmachalkova [yast-commit] r58031 - in /branches/SuSE-SLE-10-SP2-Branch/network: VERSION package/yast2-network.changes src/lan/address.ycp src/modules/Host.ycp src/modules/Lan.ycp
15:07 kmachalkova [yast-commit] r58032 - /tags/branch-SLE-10-SP2-2_13_119_1/
15:07 kmachalkova [yast-commit] r58033 - /tags/branch-SLE-10-SP2-2_13_119_1/network/

14 July, 2009

07:38 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : add general proxy loader that check problems during finding proxy
08:12 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : refactor time controller, move some functionality to lib
08:12 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : handle problem with proxy also commit part
08:31 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : link also icons to start plugins
09:42 ug [yast-commit] r58034 - in /trunk/autoinstallation: package/autoyast2.changes src/dialogs/general_dialogs.ycp
09:49 ug [yast-commit] r58035 - /trunk/autoinstallation/src/dialogs/general_dialogs.ycp
10:16 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : refactor proxy loader from application controller to separated lib
10:18 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Singularize SessionsController to match Rails conventions
10:21 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Playground is not used or referenced, remove it
11:09 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : proper log problem with finding site for proxy
11:25 mzugec [yast-commit] r58036 - in /branches/SuSE-Code-11-Branch/installation: VERSION package/yast2-installation.changes src/clients/save_config_finish.ycp
11:27 mzugec [yast-commit] r58037 - /tags/branch-Code-11-2_17_55/installation/
11:32 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Give 'Webservices' a proper name
11:42 mzugec [yast-commit] r58038 - in /branches/tmp/SLE-11-SP1-Stash/installation: VERSION package/yast2-installation.changes src/clients/save_config_finish.ycp
11:44 mzugec [yast-commit] r58040 - /tags/branch-SLE-11-SP1-Stash-2_17_55/installation/
11:44 mzugec [yast-commit] r58039 - /tags/branch-SLE-11-SP1-Stash-2_17_55/
12:00 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : make exception logger more universal
12:01 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : SessionsController is plural
12:01 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : The resource (session) is singular, the controller is plural
12:03 kmachalkova [yast-commit] r58041 - in /trunk/control-center/src: main.cpp main_window.cpp main_window.h
12:04 kmachalkova [yast-commit] r58042 - /trunk/control-center/src/main.cpp
12:25 Ladislav Slezak [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Added selenium-server-1.0.1.jar from Selenium framework
12:25 Ladislav Slezak [yast-commit] <web-client> master : First UI test - check the login page in Firefox browser
12:25 Ladislav Slezak [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Added selenium.rake - Rake tasks for UI testing
12:25 Ladislav Slezak [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Fixed abort when selenium-client gem is not installed
12:25 Ladislav Slezak [yast-commit] <web-client> master : better indentation
12:27 ug [yast-commit] r58043 - /trunk/autoinstallation/src/dialogs/general_dialogs.ycp
12:48 Ladislav Slezak [yast-commit] <web-client> master : UI test updated to the current status
12:48 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Fix passing host information between controllers
13:02 ug [yast-commit] r58044 - /trunk/autoinstallation/src/dialogs/general_dialogs.ycp
13:07 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Make alt attribute non-empty
13:20 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : make robust to problems with proxy also for patch commit
13:20 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : dirty fix to problems with URI, as it doesn't work if URI end with /
13:20 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Enhance proxy loader that take arguments for find call, patches use proxy loader, more robust to missing proxy in patches
13:24 jsuchome [yast-commit] r58045 - in /branches/SuSE-Code-11-Branch/product-creator: VERSION package/yast2-product-creator.changes src/Kiwi.ycp src/ProductCreator.ycp src/kiwi_dialogs.ycp
13:24 jsuchome [yast-commit] r58046 - /tags/branch-Code-11-2_17_24/product-creator/
13:43 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : change last fix, as problem is in URI reference parsing and not in backslash
13:58 kmachalkova [yast-commit] r58047 - in /trunk/control-center/src: main.cpp main_window.cpp
14:01 ug [yast-commit] r58048 - in /trunk/autoinstallation: VERSION package/autoyast2.changes
14:01 ug [yast-commit] r58049 - /tags/stable-2_18_8/autoinstallation/
14:14 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : set better argument name to be code more descriptive
14:32 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : change non-exist field install_permission to permissions getted from proxy (should stop ability to install for some users if they don't have permissions)
14:48 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : fix broken call redirect_to in lib function, fix indentation
14:57 aschnell [yast-commit] r58050 - in /trunk: qt-graph/package/yast2-qt-graph.changes qt-graph/ storage/package/yast2-storage.changes storage/
15:03 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : for java script use full force of jquery (act same as previous, which is buggy, fixed in future commits)
15:30 Stefan Schubert [yast-commit] <web-client> master : showing warning level
15:35 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : cleanup patches view, remove unnecessary stuff, filter items by AJAX (need speed up, as now it is not comfortable - I plan improve also backend)
15:37 Stefan Schubert [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : limits defined

15 July, 2009

07:49 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Consistently name the host id "hostid" in urls
07:57 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Adapt to 'hostid' url parameter
08:33 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Remove all empty 'alt=' tags
08:34 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Add ids to hosts fixture
09:10 aschnell [yast-commit] r58051 - /trunk/qt-graph/
09:21 Stefan Schubert [yast-commit] <web-client> master : fix in attributes; cleanup; adding edit button
10:10 jsuchome [yast-commit] r58052 - in /branches/SuSE-Code-11-Branch/product-creator: VERSION package/yast2-product-creator.changes src/kiwi_dialogs.ycp
10:10 jsuchome [yast-commit] r58053 - /tags/branch-Code-11-2_17_25/product-creator/
10:52 Ladislav Slezak [yast-commit] <web-client> master : test:ui rake task - moved selenium-client check
11:08 Robert Lihm [yast-commit] <web-client> master : * added blank JS script and CSS files
11:24 Duncan Mac-Vicar P [yast-commit] <web-client> master : start of client side (with ajax support and remoting) form validation
11:24 Duncan Mac-Vicar P [yast-commit] <web-client> master : make sure everything is a URI
11:28 Robert Lihm [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Cleaned up code and added 2 blank files for js and css
12:13 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Replace link_to with button_to where appropriate
12:44 jsuchome [yast-commit] r58054 - in /branches/SuSE-SLE-10-SP2-Branch/online-update: VERSION package/yast2-online-update.changes
12:44 jsuchome [yast-commit] r58055 - /tags/branch-SLE-10-SP2-2_13_67_2/
12:44 jsuchome [yast-commit] r58056 - /tags/branch-SLE-10-SP2-2_13_67_2/online-update/
12:44 jsuchome [yast-commit] r58057 - in /branches/SuSE-SLE-10-SP3-Branch/online-update: VERSION package/yast2-online-update.changes
12:45 jsuchome [yast-commit] r58058 - /tags/branch-SLE-10-SP3-2_13_70/
12:45 jsuchome [yast-commit] r58059 - /tags/branch-SLE-10-SP3-2_13_70/online-update/
13:00 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Fix errors: uri -> url, class -> :class
13:00 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Move controlpanel_controller_test to test/ and include it in test_helper
13:03 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Start testing Controlpanel controller
13:03 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Fix ensure_logout
13:09 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Make filename more expressive, add comment
13:18 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Validate host model, add tests for it
13:18 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Improve comment
13:45 Stefan Schubert [yast-commit] <web-client> master : edit frame for limits definition
13:46 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Test validate_uri
13:55 Duncan Mac-Vicar P [yast-commit] <web-client> master : fix crash
13:55 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Remove blanks before '('
13:55 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : These helpers are unused
14:07 Stefan Schubert [yast-commit] <web-client> master : trying out save
14:25 kmachalkova [yast-commit] r58060 - /tags/branch-SLE-10-SP2-2_13_119_1/
14:26 kmachalkova [yast-commit] r58061 - /branches/SuSE-SLE-10-SP2-Branch/network/package/yast2-network.changes
14:26 kmachalkova [yast-commit] r58062 - /tags/branch-SLE-10-SP2-2_13_119_1/
14:26 kmachalkova [yast-commit] r58063 - /tags/branch-SLE-10-SP2-2_13_119_1/network/
14:28 aschnell [yast-commit] r58064 - /trunk/qt-graph/src/
14:39 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Improve robustness
14:39 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Add FIXMEs
14:40 jsmeix [yast-commit] r58065 - in /trunk/printer: src/Printerlib.ycp src/basicadd.ycp src/basicmodify.ycp tools/autodetect_print_queues tools/modify_cupsd_conf
14:46 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Prevent crash on missing permission
15:13 Duncan Mac-Vicar P [yast-commit] <web-client> master : First version of global exception handling with small bugzilla
16:37 Ladislav Slezak [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Use test-unit gem for UI tests
16:37 Ladislav Slezak [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Share the common functions in UI test cases
16:37 Ladislav Slezak [yast-commit] <web-client> master : UI test updated to the current state
17:21 Robert Lihm [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Added basic styling and fixed HTML bugs

16 July, 2009

07:44 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : get information about patches as AJAX call, so don't delay loading of initial page
07:44 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : fix permissions fix to handle only case when permissions really missing
08:52 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : fix some fixmes in time module
08:52 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : add icon to waiting for patches
08:54 Klaus Kämpf [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Create separate hashes
09:04 varkoly [yast-commit] r58066 - /trunk/mail/src/YaPI/
09:46 aschnell [yast-commit] r58067 - in /trunk/storage: package/yast2-storage.changes storage/src/modules/Storage.ycp
09:51 aschnell [yast-commit] r58068 - /tags/stable-2_18_14/storage/
10:09 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Use AJAX stuff for patches only if patch plugin is installed
10:18 lslezak [yast-commit] r58069 - /branches/SuSE-Code-11-Branch/instserver/package/yast2-instserver.changes
10:19 lslezak [yast-commit] r58070 - /tags/branch-Code-11-2_17_5/instserver/
10:19 lslezak [yast-commit] r58071 - /tags/branch-Code-11-2_17_5/instserver/
10:22 lslezak [yast-commit] r58072 - /branches/SuSE-SLE-10-SP2-Branch/instserver/package/yast2-instserver.changes
10:22 lslezak [yast-commit] r58073 - /tags/branch-SLE-10-SP2-2_13_19/instserver/
10:22 lslezak [yast-commit] r58074 - /tags/branch-SLE-10-SP2-2_13_19/instserver/
10:25 lslezak [yast-commit] r58075 - /branches/SuSE-SLE-10-SP3-Branch/instserver/package/yast2-instserver.changes
10:29 lslezak [yast-commit] r58076 - /branches/SuSE-SLE-10-SP2-Branch/pkg-bindings/package/yast2-pkg-bindings.changes
10:30 lslezak [yast-commit] r58077 - /tags/branch-SLE-10-SP2-2_13_124/pkg-bindings/
10:30 lslezak [yast-commit] r58078 - /tags/branch-SLE-10-SP2-2_13_124/pkg-bindings/
10:30 lslezak [yast-commit] r58079 - /branches/SuSE-SLE-10-SP3-Branch/pkg-bindings/package/yast2-pkg-bindings.changes
11:46 jsuchome [yast-commit] r58080 - in /trunk/country: VERSION language/src/language.ycp language/src/modules/Language.ycp language/src/select_language.ycp package/yast2-country.changes timezone/src/Timezone.ycp
11:47 jsuchome [yast-commit] r58081 - /tags/stable-2_18_11/country/
11:52 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : parse datetime info on backend side
11:52 Josef Reidinger [yast-commit] <web-client> master : parse datetime info on backend side
11:53 ug [yast-commit] r58082 - in /trunk/autoinstallation: doc/CreateProfileDetails.xml package/autoyast2.changes src/dialogs/ask.ycp
11:57 jsuchome [yast-commit] r58083 - in /trunk/firstboot: VERSION package/yast2-firstboot.changes src/control/firstboot.xml src/firstboot_language_keyboard.ycp
11:57 jsuchome [yast-commit] r58084 - /tags/stable-2_18_5/firstboot/
12:11 ug [yast-commit] r58085 - /trunk/autoinstallation/doc/CreateProfileDetails.xml
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